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Yelp App on Android with its new Messaging Feature


Advancements in technology have transformed mobile phones from communication devices to multipurpose gadgets. Not only has your cellphone become smart and provide you constant connectivity with your friends, it also enables you to take and view pictures, record videos, store data, give presentations, and perform an array of other tasks as well. In order to further enhance your mobile experience, a large number of applications on various OS platforms are made available through your phone. These applications which range from lifestyle to health and from entertainment to business look after all your needs while you are on the move.

Yelp is one such app available on the Android that acts as a city guide and helps the users to locate a business in cities and towns in the United States. It also allows the user to get the opinions of hundreds of customers written on any business or other entity. Developed by Yelp, Inc., the app comes with a 4.4 rating. Using the GPS feature of your smartphone, the app enables you to get information about restaurant, hotel, bar, cafe or any other business entity in your nearby location.

A host of useful features come loaded with the Yelp app which includes the following:

  • Besides giving information about the business entity in the nearby vicinity, alternatively, the user can mention a city of their choice and look out for the places in that location.
  • Users can specify their search on the basis of keyword or browse through listings by category.
  • In order to further narrow down the search, you can also make use of filters such as price, what’s open now, neighborhood, or distance.
  • The augmented reality feature of Yelp called “Monocle” is very handy and enables the user to simply point their camera over a street and get the ratings and other data of businesses on the screen overlayed on top of the actual businesses seen in the camera lens
  • Along with address and phone numbers, the app also provides other data about businesses such as its hours, photos, reviews and ratings submitted by yelpers of the business.
  • The app provides reviews regarding what is great as well as not so great in the city.
  • Details of various offers and deals given by local business are also provided by the app.
  • Users can check in as well as share on Twitter and Facebook using the app.
  • In situations when you wish to avoid your waiting time for a restaurant, the app enables you to make a reservation on Open Table without leaving the app.
  • You can directly call as well as map the address of a business of interest from your phone with the app.


Yelp’s New Mobile Messaging Feature:

The Yelp Android app has been recently updated to its latest version 5.9 and as requested by a large number of users, a new feature called “Messaging Support” has been added along with some bug fixes.  The new feature enables the users to send messages to other people. In order to send a message, you simply need to open your About Me page in Yelp and gain access to your inbox. While in your inbox you can send messages to other yelp users.

So no matter whether you are in a mood for having a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or simply wish to relax in a spa, Yelp is there to help you to find the perfect spot in your nearby vicinity.

If you wish to download the app onto your device, you can do so from the following link.

Yelp on Android




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