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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 OS Update Rolling Out

Finally, after a long wait Verizon has started pushing BB OS update to its BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. By updating your Z10 handset with BB OS10.1 , you can take advantage of new features like HDR camera settings, PIN messaging, Skype and a new text selector. You can also access your e-mails via SMTP or IMAP.

Great improvements have been made in the notifications area, BBM messaging accuracy, Advanced BES 10 functionality and much reliability in SMS services. The feature, Mobile Hotspot will support 802.11n after upgrading the OS. Further improvements are made in user experience factors and performance.

BlackBerry Z10 OS 10.1

Additional improvements are made in battery life in LTE standby mode, all views support for portrait and landscape mode, responsiveness and connectivity while using Backup assistant, fixing accuracy and location in BlackBerry Maps and you can permanently delete the applications from the device.

If you are the owner of Verizon’s Blackberry Z10 handset, then you could see that the update is already on your way. If you haven’t noticed any such notifications then you check it manually by navigating to Settings > Software Updates . Or you can also do this manually by connecting your handset to the PC and install the 350 system file via BlackBerry link.

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One Response to “Verizon BlackBerry Z10 OS Update Rolling Out”

  1. Chris says:

    I updated my Z10 with this software and now the notifications for Facebook aren’t working… I also dislike some other changes made. Can I go back to using the software release prior to this one? It worked great.

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