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Update Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with Official Jelly Bean Firmware – XXALJ1 (Multi View Feature)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with an extremely popular Multi View feature allowing its users multitasking by using 2 apps on the same screen at the same time. This feature was missing from all the Galaxy Note 2 machines sold outside Korea. However with the advent of XXALJ1 Jelly Bean Firmware Update , this Multi View feature has become available outside Korea as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Multiview Feature

Installation of Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Note 2 N7100

The steps for installation below are compatible with model N7100 of international Galaxy Note 2 and these steps are not compatible for the US and other variants of the device.

  • In case you flash the firmware on a custom ROM or a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from any country other than France, you may be required to wipe off the data on your phone in order to ensure proper booting. So, for ensuring that you do not lose valuable data, take backup of your apps and other important data such as contact numbers, APNs, SMSs, bookmarks etc. There is no need to take back-up of the SD card content as they are almost always safe. At the minimum you will need to note down your network’s APN settings that are necessary to make the mobile data work. For this, Settings -> then “More” -> and “Mobile Networks”. Here, click the APN being used and note down the settings for every field. Although these APN settings should be restored automatically from the network, you may enter them manually if required.
  •  Download and  install software Kies on the pc for installing the required drivers for the cell phone. The drivers can also be downloaded directly.  Download the firmware from Kies.
  • Extract the Samsung updates zip file on your pc to get a tar file.
  • Download  Odin PC software on the computer used to flash the previously obtained firmware file. Extract the contents of Odin3_v3.04.zip file in a folder.
  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 2 and allow it to shut down fully. Now get it in a download mode. Press these keys to do so, Volume plus Home plus Power plus Down. Keep them pressed until phone turns on and flashes a warning sign. Now press Volume Up for entering the download mode.
  • Open Odin exe file by double clicking on it.
  • Connect the phone to your pc. You will get an “Added” message. In case you don’t get this message, ensure that the drivers are installed correctly or change to another USB port from the pc.
  • In Odin click the PDA button and browse to get the tar file obtained in the steps above. DO NOT change Odin except selecting necessary files. Keep other options as they are. Ensure that Re-Partition check box in unchecked.
  • Click the Start button to begin the firmware flashing on the phone. You will get a PASS message when the flashing is complete and successful and the cell phone will reboot automatically. In case the Odin doesn’t work, disconnect the phone from the computer, close ODIN and remove battery for a few seconds. Re-enter the battery and go to the download mode again and repeat the procedure after that.
  • During the reboot, the cell phone may get stuck at the animation stage. In such a case, boot to the recovery mode, go to Factory Reset/Wipe Data -> select -> select “yes” on the next screen -> reboot system.

Well, your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 should be up and running now with the addition of Multi View feature.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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