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Top 5 Investing Apps


Traditional investing and the way we search for investing opportunities is changing at a phenomenal rate.  Years ago, investing was mostly handled through a stock broker.  Then came online investing and ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks), where the individual could manage their portfolios themselves.  With the flood of mobile technology into the hands of consumers, new investment opportunities and ways to keep a pulse on the market have arisen.  Apps that utilize crowd sourcing or that bring large institutions to your handset make the mode of investing a far different animal than we have experienced in the past.  The investment world is about to get very interesting, thanks to mobile devices.

Investing apps acts as a platform to help investors and business owners manage their money and make smart investment decisions.  These apps not only target the millennial generation but also help individuals and business owners too.  There are a huge number of such apps available across many platform and hence one can get confused about which one to download and which one to leave. While some of these apps are absolutely free of cost, others may need you to pay a minor amount to buy and use them. If you are interested in knowing about the best investing apps, then you can refer to the following five choices:

1.      Bloomberg for Smartphone




Bloomberg is a popular and reputed financial software and media company which has its headquarters in New York City and is known for a being an important source of financial and business information. The company has launched its apps on both iTunes and Android app stores and these apps are meant to act as a source of important investing related information from across the world. Investors and others who are interested in learning about making investment decisions can download these apps to read award winning stories from leading journalists from world over.  Some of the business topics covered within this app includes Technology, Industries, Markets, Politics, Personal Finance, and Luxury Shopping among many others.

Features of the app:

  • Bloomberg for Smartphones brings to you news excerpts on business related and other topics from around the world.
  • You can create a watch list of the events or news pieces that you wish to follow on this app.
  • You can get the latest market data personalized according to your region. Some market data that this app gives access to includes futures, bonds, equity indexes, currencies as well as commodities.
  • This app also offers the feature of tracking and monitoring personal holdings and adding securities.
  • Learn about various companies by reading about their financials, statistics and earning updates.
  • Watch Bloomberg live TV using this app and watch several featured videos to improve your knowledge about how investments must be made.
  • Listen to interviews, analysis and add widgets according to your personal choice or preference.

Links to download app:



2. StockTwits stock market pulse


Making investments is directly related to markets and market behavior. By downloading the Stocktwits app, you can tap into the pulse of various markets. This is one of the most preferred apps among investors and business owners as it offers the entire stock market at your fingertips. What this app does is that it lets you track stocks that matter to you and also enables you to check for new market trends.  It enables you to find out what is happening in the market and retrieves insights and updates about several stock issues. The app offers an in-depth analysis of the market by real investors and traders. The app helps by re-imagining the way you invest in a superior and more professional way.

Features of the app:

  • The app enables you to create a watch list so that you can catch up on the latest market trends and stock updates.
  • You can also sort the watch list by gain, trending, loss and even by alphabetical order according to your convenience and preference.
  • Stocktwits app helps you discover the stocks that everyone is talking about currently so that you can make better investment decisions.  You can check out the trending list to find out new stocks, popular stocks and stocks popular among top investors.
  • Connect and collaborate with top investors and traders so that you can make better decisions.

Link to download app:



3. SigFig – Investment Optimizer


Sigfig is an investment optimizer app which is one of the best in its category. This application is the perfect platform for anyone who has made any kind of an investment. This app makes it possible for you to track all your investment accounts from one place completely free of charge.  This app also offers a feature where you can allow SigFig to make investments for you in a low cost automated ETF portfolio. This is one of the most efficient and popular data-driven financial planner and the most advanced portfolio manager available online. With a high rating on both iTunes and Google Play app stores, this is a must-have app for all investors and business owners.

Features of the app:

  • Sigfig is not just a financial planner but also a portfolio manager for investors.
  • It is a free to download and use app which lets you track and monitor your investments easily.
  • This app is highly secure and customizable.
  • Sigfig automatically brings all your investment accounts into one dashboard so that you can get a real-time view of all the investments including stocks, mutual funds and ETF not just on your mobile device but also seamlessly on your tablet.
  • There is also a feature of automated investing through which you can optimize your returns.
  • You can optimize your portfolios and track them daily with tax efficient strategies, dividend reinvestments and automatic rebalancing.
  • This app also enables you to reach your financial goals by connecting you to financial advisors who can chart out a personalized financial and investment plan for you.

Links to download the app:





4.      ChartIQ – Free Stock Charts


If you are someone who is into tracking stocks and similar kinds of investments then the ChartIQ app can prove to be an extremely useful tool for you.  As the name suggests, this app brings to you big and beautiful charts and graphs with powerful drawing tools so that you can spot patterns and learn about trade opportunities for making better business and investment decisions.  This is one of the best technical analysis tools for investors and is a must-have application for traders and business owners.  From an unlimited watch lists to technical analysis drawing tools and from large charts to social media connections, this app has tapped into everything that you need for a superb analysis experience.

Features of the app:

  • Join over 150000 investors and traders in their discussion about stocks and investments through the social media connect feature on this app.
  • Use the Stocktwits panel to view, join and participate in discussions with investors from around the world.
  • This app provides Free End-of-day equities data and major indices which are supplied or provided by an international equities and commercial feed.
  • You can create an unlimited number of watch lists and flip through the charts quickly and smoothly by using this app.
  • The charts offered by the app are large, intuitive and touch optimized.  You can pinch to zoom, swipe through time and get an unobstructed view of the charts easily.
  • Some other features supported by the app include moving averages, stochastics, exponential moving averages and RSI.
  • You get to choose from many technical drawing tools when using this app and some of them include lines, line segments, Zigzag, Fibonacci retracements and annotations.

Links to download the app:



5.      Personal Capital Money and Investing


Developed by Personal Capital Corporation, Personal Capital Money and Investing is one of the most loved financial apps among investors and traders.  This is an award winning app which you can use to keep and observe all your accounts in one place. The app gives you a comprehensive view of all your financial information including the expenditures, the income, the savings and overall investment statistics.  By using this app, you can spend your money in a more careful way and keep track of it at all times.  It helps you make better investment decisions and also enables you to speak directly with financial advisors.

Features of the app:

  • Sync and combine all your financial accounts at one place and get a comprehensive view of all your financial information.
  • It is a wealth management and financial tracking app which performs several functions for you and eliminates the need for you to download any other financial or investing app.
  • Set a spending goal for a given period of time with this app and measure and monitor your progress by days, weeks, months and years.
  • Track your investments and see how the market is performing currently to make better investment decisions.
  • Compare your financial portfolio against market benchmarks using the ‘You Index’ feature so that you stay well on the path of reaching your investment goals.
  • There is a built-in investment intelligence feature which can review your asset allocation and help you find opportunities for diversification.
  • You can also opt for a quick portfolio checkup which helps you save upon expensive mutual fund fees.
  • Talk to a financial advisor and get advice on improving your financials and making better investment decisions using this app.
  • Well integrated with thousands of financial institutions.

Link to download the app:




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