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Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for Android


The Android is the largest application store in the entire digital world and it serves up almost all of the utility apps one would need. Whether its entertainment, management, academic, gaming, banking, social networking, music, religion or investing, Android has set the application market on fire. While the individual preferences of downloaded apps differ from person to person, these apps have one thing in common.  They make the Android device more useful.

One of the newest technologies that have been born in this technology boom is the bitcoin.  The bitcoin is the latest form of currency that let people pay for goods and services electronically. Bitcoins are unique in that the currency is not controlled by the central banks, but run off of peer to peer networking.  What’s amazing about this currency is no one owns or controls it, but it can be utilized by anybody!  Bitcoins are becoming more widely used as a means of payment and can be exchanged for other common currencies, such as dollars. Here is the list of the top 5 apps so that even you can get the benefits of using a Bitcoin account:

1.      Mycelium Wallet



Smart Phone wallets on Android, especially those that are a particular Bitcoin app, are a trend these days. Many people who love Bitcoins just shifted from Apple to Android devices because they are unable to use popular Bitcoin apps on Apple devices. Mycelium Wallet has received four out of five stars from 89.9% of its users and it totally deserves it.  The reason why this Bitcoin wallet is so popular is that it helps you find users in order to trade the BTC (Bitcoin Currency) and the user is not required to download the full block chain. Also the exchange happens quickly. The following are features which will easily convince you that Mycelium is one of the best online wallets:


Top features offered:

  • This online wallet has its main focus on mobile security, private key control and local trading transactions.
  • It offers highly secure PIN protection.
  • Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet maintains an accurate transaction history with correct transaction details. Hence, if you want to review any of your past transactions you can get the information easily.
  • There is no need for a block chain download. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet installs and runs within seconds.
  • There is a superfast connection between this Android Wallet App and the Bitcoin network because of the super nodes available.
  • There is a facility for Private Key import for safe and secure cold-storage integration.
  • It has an integrated QR-code scanner as an extra convenience for transacting bitcoins.
  • Its main objective in its design is for the user to have simple monetary transactions.

Free or Paid

Mycelium Wallet app is totally free and you can download it with the following link:


2.      Bitcoin Checkout



The Bitcoin Checkout app has merchants who are ready to trade on their Bitcoin accounts using Bitcoin Wallets. This app had got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from its user because it is loaded with some on the most amazing online wallet app features. A brick and mortar or simple mobile transactions take place on Bitcoin Checkout between people who are ready to accept wallet Bitcoin money while doing trading. Your bitcoin account on this application is going to be absolutely safe because of its high security features. There are many other convenient features which this application brings to you which would make your monetary transactions and payments easy. Read the following features and get to know this wallet bitcoin even better:

Top features offered:

  • The user can easily find merchants who are actively using Wallet Bitcoin applications and hence they get an easy payment option.
  • This application provides high security because of its BitPay Protection features and instant high speed payment verification for your wallet app.
  • You can easily use your Bitcoin wallet and make electronic payments even though you lack hard cash. After all, this is the age of digital money and online monetary transactions are a necessity of the time.
  • You will also get the option to bid on foreign exchange rates and perform direct banking transactions with one single application. So, you don’t have to download a different application for performing this task.
  • It offers multi user support.

Free or Paid

This is a free app and below given is the download link for it:



3.      Bitcoin Billionaire



If you are a hardcore Bitcoin gamer and user your wallet Bitcoin to play games online, this is the perfect application for you. Play your games, win them and collect your own Bitcoin riches in order to perform further transactions. You can also customize a character for yourself for the game. This application has been downloaded 1 million times and around 87% of its user have rated it four out of five. Hence, you should just download it and enjoy the game for making your online wallet heavy.

Top features offered:

  • There is a time travel feature in this application with which you can step into a totally different virtual era.
  • You can customize your character so that you can look the most stylish miner ever.
  • You can unlock a lot of achievements by performing well in the game.
  • If you deliver special drones, you get to win bonuses in the form of Bitcoins, which is ultimately going to fill your online wallet.
  • You can adopt different animals, right from a kitty to a T-Rex on this game.
  • You can easily upgrade your investments so that you get to earn bitcoins even when you are not online, for your wallet app.

Free or Paid

This is a free app which you can download from the link given below:



4.      Bitcoin Ticker Widget



If you are a Bitcoin wallet user who always wants to keep a check on his Bitcoin rates, then this is the perfect application for you and you should download it right away. It shows you the current BTC and LTC prices. It is a ticker widget which can be easily downloaded on the device containing the bitcoin account that you use as your online wallet. This application keeps a check on some of the world’s top most Bitcoin exchanges.

Top features offered:

  • If you are a regular Bitcoin Wallet user, you will find this app helpful and will cater to all your Bitcoin market concerns.
  • It will show you the updated BTC and LTC prices.
  • It keeps updates and tracks world’s top most Bitcoin exchanges which include Bitstamp, Bitfines, BTC China, BitPay Best Bid and BTCe.
  • There are customized application alerts which you can activate.
  • If there are any major changes in the Bitcoin market, you can easily track these updates and therefore react quickly and plan your future transactions accordingly.

Free or Paid

This is free app which offers in-app purchases. Below is the download link for this app:


5.      Bitcoin Paranoid



This app is for those who use a Bitcoin wallet on a daily basis. It keeps the user updated with the current Bitcoin money value by showing it in the notification bar. Therefore, if you want to trade using Bitcoins, you can track the actual value of Bitcoins in your online wallet at any time. It offers easy currency conversions as well.

Top features offered:

  • Shows the Bitcoin value directly in the notification bar.
  • It is neither a standard application nor a widget.
  • It offers features of setting an alarm for the currency updates too.
  • The application of this online wallet supports refresh intervals like the 10s-paranoia mode, 1 min crazy mode, etc.
  • You can easily disable the service whenever you want.
  • If you are a Bitcoin addict, this is going to be a must have application for you.

Free or Paid:

This is a free app in the App store and can be downloaded from the following the link below:






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