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Top 5 Best Social Apps for your Android Device – Keep Connected Well In Your Social Networks

From the time Twitter and Facebook exploded, among the most sought after and downloaded apps are social apps. The many uses of these apps range from helping one locate places to communicating with friends through chat. This article takes a look at the Top 5 Best Social Android Apps and their benefits.

  • LinkedIn – Android Social App

LinkedIn for Android

This is a social app that is mainly used by professionals in networking and it has over 160 million users globally. Linkedin app helps the user sync their calendar, connections, profile details, and important contacts with an Android phone. The app can be used as a website and the interface is really great.

  • Foursquare for Android

This very popular location based app is steadily attracting businesses. Some of the things that Foursquare for android is doing are offering discounts, deals, and other features that really entice businesses. It is mainly used to track the locations of connected friends and other contacts at any given time, day or place.

Foursquare for Android

In addition, the app sends you notifications on the most famous and popular bars, clubs and restaurants and should there be any of your contacts in those places, you get notified as well. The app offers badges that act as mementos showing any of the places you have frequented.

  • GetGlue – Android Social App

GetGlue is one of the latest social networks mainly frequented by media lovers. The users share interests ranging from music, film, reality shows, books and video games as well as share their thought on each media file.

GetGlue for Android

To get favorite and new media recommendations, you can always access the profiles of the people you are connected to. Determining on how many times you check in, you get ranked based on how much you use various categories. Digital stickers are another thing that is used to tag your user prowess and amazingly, this can be redeemed to use in sticking real stuff.

  • Facebook for Android

Facebook is not new to anyone who knows his or her way around the Internet. Originally, facebook offered access to friend’s newsfeeds and status updates but has since evolved to be the social app with the highest following.

Facebook for Android

Friends get to share their photos by uploads and tags, post their favorite video files that may range from music videos to their own personal home videos. Through facebook chat, friends keep in touch and they don’t necessarily have to hook up to have a conversation. Facebook has evolved from being a social app to a marketing platform as numerous businesses have their sites on facebook.

  • PicPlz for Android

In as much as it is said that one picture is worth a thousand words, that becomes a gross understatement as far as social networking is concerned. PicPlz enhances pictures via basic visual effects and then enables you to share the pictures with your friends. Using the Android camera on your phone, you can just take photos, enhance them, and upload them to the public or specific individuals. In addition to posting your photos, you also get to view the photos posted by other users.

PicPlz for Android

Benefits of Downloading Android Social Networking Apps :-

  • One of the simplest ways to make connections with people who have the same interests and goals such as yours is through social media. These connections can lead to the formation of real life friendships and business partnerships.
  • Social networking has virtually eliminated the need for friends to meet physically. The traditional handshake has been replaced by the poke making the process of making new friends and retaining the current ones easy. Most past classmates have been brought back together by use of social networking.
  • Getting information on particular events is very easy, some social apps give notifications as to what is happening and where making sure that you don’t miss out. In addition, you can carry out surveys that can enable you to make important decisions.
  • Through social networking, businesses and individuals alike are able to market their products. Sites like Facebook allow users to create not only events, but also whole pages on a particular product; furthermore, the ease of sharing the page with other users makes the market to become even bigger.
  • They help in reputation building as the profile information section sheds light on one’s best side. An individual’s profile will contain most of his or her achievements, and in this platform, people are always themselves, hardly do they pretend. Therefore, some companies use the profile of a particular person to determine whether to offer him or her, a job or not.
  • Social networking sites and apps provide a very simple and cheap way of communicating. When used in Android, they enable the user to be accessible full time through chat and various other notifications. This quality has taken over the traditional need for frequent phone calls, emails, letters and even visits. Through video calls, you get to talk with a friend on real time basis. This is a very cheap way of communicating.

So with such a great array of benefits, if you haven’t downloaded any of the Top 5 Best Social Network Apps, do it today!

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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