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Top 5 Best Effective Methods/Tools to Monetize your Android Apps

Day by day, people are leaning more to the smart phones and spending less time on their computers. Everyone is busy getting their works done using different apps. Smart phones have been turned into entertainment hubs using various applications. The more apps you have, the more efficient your phone is.

The Android smart phones hold almost 70% of the market worldwide. So, the market for Android apps is huge and everyone is rushing. But, surprisingly, more than 90% of the best-selling apps are free of charge or extremely low priced.The first obstacle every app developer faces after creating their apps is how to make serious revenue, which is the ultimate goal.

Advertisement is the key that all these ‘Free’ apps adopt to keep the cash flowing. From Facebook to your favorite apps, hundreds of ads are popping up and these ads pay for space in those ‘Free’ applications everyday. Over the years, several companies have proven to be apt in solving the mobile monetization puzzle and can help new developers with monetization. Here are 5 efficient monetization options for Android apps.

  • AdMob

There is no surprise that Google has its fair share in mobile marketing. With clients; from small local businesses to multinational brands; Google’s brand, AdMob has the forefront in this sector. AdMob is offering numerous advertisements and the clients can pick ads with specific formats according to their needs. It provides intelligent business models and solutions suiting the client’s needs. The ‘Mediation’ option allows clients to manage multiple ad networks, allocates traffic percentage. With AdMob you can advertise your banners in other apps. You’ll understand why giants like P&G and Ford have gone for AdMob’s marketing tools. AdMob is now serving 1 billion ads every month.

  • Instagram

After Facebook acquired Instagram, the photo sharing social networking site has grown explosively and everyone is making the most out of it. From individuals to billion dollar companies, who are not using this photo sharing network to promote their businesses? Right now, this is the hottest marketing strategy. For example, over 1 million subscribers follow Starbucks’ official Instagram page to get familiar with the latest and upcoming items. People post skillfully edited photos of their consumer products on the site to create hype and gets their products listed on the consumer’s must have list. Instagram boasts an impressive 11 million active daily subscribers and soon to become a crucial player in mobile advertising.

  • StartApp

StartApp has come up with the ultimate app monetization tool for all the major platforms. Its search engine is a phenomenon in the industry. Developers can add this search engine to their apps and earn money and keep the apps ad free at the same time. The search engine doesn’t compromise the application and the app experience isn’t altered. Every time a search is done by the StartApp add-on, StartApp and the clients make cash. Already has crossed the 250 million download mark and counting. This app is installed in more than 7500 mobile applications. Almost 20% of Android smart phone consumers are using this add-on, declaring this app the best mobile search engine of the western world.


  • InMobi

InMobi is another name worth mentioning. Byutilizing Server Side API integration system along with SDK technology, InMobi has been able to create a unique ad network based on simple integrate performance evaluation. This feature helps the businesses not just to monetize users but also to get more subscribers and engage others. InMobi’s clever tracking system place the right ads on the right user’s phone ensuring maximum income. Advertise on this platform with the top rated brands and you can enter into a marketplace which consists of 578 million consumers covering 165 countries.

  • Tapjoy

Tapjoy invites the developers to participate in an effective incentivized monetization process named “Mobile Value Exchange System”. Tapjoy encourages the users to enter and communicate with the advertisers or in some cases; they are requested to download the apps advertised in the application they are using for the exchange of bonuses and virtual money offered on their current applications. And they receive their payments sent by the advertisers. The advertisers benefit from new users and increased exposure.

These are the most widely used monetization tools for Android applications. These experts offer the most innovative and effective solutions and are providing millions of users with the boost their businesses need. Choose an option wisely and bulk up your revenue.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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