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Top 5 Best Android Phone Security Apps

Security for phones that are on the Android platform has been the subject of great debate in the recent past as there are people who feel that it is not really important to have antivirus security on Android smartphones. Again, almost all Android security apps include a number of other tools that serve as contact filters to remote locking and wiping. This article looks at five best Android security apps, and how they protect your phone.

  • Avast Free Mobile Security

Avast free security app contains features ranging from anti-theft, to anti-malware, and even Internet browsing shielding, which gives a prompt whenever you come across a website that may contain malicious viruses. It also has a privacy advisor feature that helps in the identification of any installed apps that could be dangerous in a way. In addition, it helps in the management of running apps by use of an application manager.

Avast Free Mobile Security App - Android

The prompting to run the anti-theft feature is transmitted during the first running Avast.  For more security purposes, the anti-theft feature can be renamed to ensure that any thieves do not locate it easily and de-activate it. The Avast app can be hid from the main app tray, has password protection and can be stored and set in such a way that it survives any phone resets.

  • AVG Mobilation Anti-virus Free 

Damage that may be caused by malware and browsing of malicious websites is kept at bay by the use of AVG Mobilation Anti-Virus Free app. This app also scans all text messages received to ensure that they are safe and has a scanner that scans all data files and apps. The app has tune up feature that optimizes battery usage, has a task killer, and provides personal wiping of data to free memory space.

AVG Mobilation Anti-virus Free App - Android

As a 13-day free period trial, AVG has an app locker that offers password protection to every individual app and when upgraded to the premium version from the free one, the scam and spam feature are both made available. The app never appears in the notification areas until it identifies a potential threat. One thing about this app is that it does not give the status or progress info like other apps.

  • Lockout Mobile Security

Free mobile malware protection, remote locating, contacts back up, and alarms for Android phones can be obtained from lookout mobile Security. When a user upgrades to the premium version, remote locking, wiping, an app manager, and browser protection are the options that are made available.

Lockout Mobile Security Android App

Lookout Mobile Security, scans any installed apps, together with their updates and protects against malware, however, this does not include the SD card scanning. The scans can be set to run on a daily basis, or a weekly basis, and in the weekly option, the date and time can be set. The same case applies to the back-up feature, as you decide and set when to back up the necessary files.

For the premium users, it is possible to back-up images, call history, and pictures. This app is made visible by appearing on the menu bar at the notification area, and this serves as a short cut to accessing it, and it user friendly.

  • Norton Mobile Security Lite

Norton Mobile Security Lite Android App

Remote locking and free malware shielding are the key advantages of Norton Mobile Security Lite  app. Features that become active by upgrading to the premium option are text and call blocking, remote locating, remote camera lock, remote alarm, and wiping remotely. This has the added advantage of running daily scans on the SD card and In addition, it can scan upon demand. When there is no threat, the Norton app does not display its notification icon but this can be enabled if so desired.

  • NQ Mobile Security

NQ Mobile Security app provides free mobile protection as well as browsing protection, contact back up, firewalls and remote locating through using Google Maps. The privacy advisor feature that is also free analyzes apps and their related permissions. This has the additional advantage of giving SIM card notifications that indicate any change. The premium version also offers automatic virus updates and prevents phone tapping by offering eaves dropping protection.

NQ Mobile Security Android App

This app works on both phones and tabs but it has some features that will only function with the presence of a SIM card. The NQ notification icon sits on the menu bar showing data usage and status while providing an easy way of accessing the app. The interface is user friendly and very easily to navigate.

To access the settings, all you have to do is tap the device’s menu button. In addition to automatically scanning the apps for malware, you can prompt the app to manually scan individual apps, with the exclusion of SD card and automatically or manually back up the contacts. For the automatic back up, you must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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