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Top 5 Amazing iPad Apps to Revolutionize your Educational Experience


Smartphone and tablet usage has increased a lot over the last few years. There are many reasons behind its popularity. Initially smartphones were only developed for communication purposes. As some of us will recall, a lot of communication was performed through letters and or through snail mail, but due to the latest technological advancement, the communication mediums have changed quite a bit. The introduction of Smartphone and tablets has made certain communication tasks a lot easier. Now much of the communication around the world is performed through these devices. Smartphones and tablets are not only developed for the telecommunication sector. In fact lot of sectors have benefitted from their use. Some of the business sectors targeted by smartphones include sports, medical, financial, industrial, gaming, banking, and importantly, the education sector.

The education sector has benefitted a lot from tablets and they have truly revolutionized the educational world. Now if we look at the top international schools, universities and related educational institutions, we find them utilizing tablets to perform different educational activities providing them different educational content for reading, taking educational courses, enrolling for a fully accredited education, and other learning opportunities. If we look at the Apple store, we find a lot of educational apps that either provide a directed learning experience or provide excellent educational services for teachers. In this article we have shortlisted the “Top 5 Amazing iPad Educational Apps” to revolutionize your schooling experience, and they are as follow:

1-      Teachers Assistant



Teachers Assistant is an exceptional iPad App for teachers, to manage daily teaching activities. This amazing app not only allows handling of different educational activities but also makes proper reports and sends them through email. This amazing iPad app has a remarkably user-friendly user interface and intuitive functions. Its interface is ideal for managing reports of student that are can be forwarded to parents and others via email.  Its documentation is extremely simple and organized. If you are in the teaching field, you may want to download this app from the Apple store.

2-      Outliner

Outliner Screen Shot

Outliner is another brilliant iPad educational App, that provides a practical user experience to teachers and educational experts around the world. Teachers can easily perform their daily teaching activities using Outliner’s functions. For instance, a teacher can create and manage student records and create reports about their students. Teachers can upload and edit daily lectures and other teaching content as per teaching requirements. This amazing iPad app also has a natural user friendly interface and can be downloaded from the Apple store.


3-      Sundry Notes

SundryNotes Screenshot

Sundry Notes is a highly creative and useful app geared to an audience of teachers, professors and administrators of educational institutes. Its interface is colorful and attractive and all the slides are stylishly designed to help users perform educational activities comfortably. Its interface easily allows users to upload and arrange teaching material professionally and send the documents through email. This app can be found in the Apple store.

4-      DocsAnywhere


DocsAnywhere is quite an innovative iPad App that is specifically designed for teaching professionals who are always facing difficulties in managing their reports and data. This amazing app allows users to manage their reports professionally in leading documentation tools such as MS Word and other text formatting tools. The users of the app can easily manage their documents and can email them to other desired users through the internet. This app can be located and downloaded from the Apple store.

5-      Mathematical Formulas


Mathematical Formulas is another app that is specifically developed for mathematical professors and related educational experts. Mathematical Formulas has an extensive database of mathematical formulas and graphs with elegantly designed shapes and fonts that normally would be difficult for educational experts to remember and manage. Mathematical Formulas’ user interface is extremely user friendly and highly colorful and is worth checking out by mathematical educational experts around the world. If you are a high school math teacher who finds themselves needing to look up formulas for the classroom,  you may want to hurry to the app store and download this app.

Author – Rose Waring is a new contributor to todroid.com and is an enthusiastic evangelist of  smartphone technology and its uses









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