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Top 3 parental control apps for Android

The growth of technology has put the world in our hands with access to everything with just a single click of a button on our smartphones and tablets. Present day technology advancements have undoubtedly given people of all age groups, including kids and teenagers, access to a wealth of information. On the flip side, the persistent use of smart devices has also lead to sleepless nights for parents. There is no doubt that a tablet or a smartphone is one of the best ways to keep your child abreast of the latest technology, however, it is also a fact that these little miniature computers also prove to be a dangerous place for kids where they have access to inappropriate content like gambling, porn sites, scams and other places you wouldn’t want your children exposed.

In order to give the best experience of the online world to your kids, parental control apps prove to be an apt choice. Once downloaded on their phone, these apps keep an eye on your child’s activity and restrict them from using inappropriate content.  A wide range of these apps are available on the Google Play Store and for your convenience we have researched and shortlisted the top 3 Parental Control Apps for the Android shown below. So just download one of these apps in order to help give your child a safe environment to learn as well as grow.

1.    Net Nanny for Android


Net Nanny App

Net Nanny for Android is an award winning app that is considered to be one of the best parental control apps. This app is a custom mobile browser which actually becomes the default browser of your child’s device. Once running, it manages the apps which can be used on the device. Along with application management on your child’s device, the app also restricts access to adult content.

Other features of the Application:
• Features 18 filtering categories that can be used to Allow, Block or Warn access to content in these categories
• Allows parents to view the apps remotely
• Unwanted apps can be blocked by the parents
• Needs approval for newly installed apps
• Allows you to manage your child’s device and its settings
• Offers age appropriate filtering through which parents can select among the 4 predefined user profiles. Parents can also more finely customize the settings on their own.
• Enforces strict safe search settings for all the popular search engines and these settings cannot be disabled by the user.
• Time restriction settings for web browsing can be activated that will set the day and the time when browsing is allowed by the child through the protected device.
• Protection of the device through any 3G/4G network and through Wi-Fi

Subscription Fees:
The fully functional app of the Net Nanny for Android is available for a free 14 day trial and after that you are charged a subscription fee of US $12.99/year per device. In case you wish to download the Net Nanny for multiple devices, then bulk discounts are available.



2.   Kids Place

Kids Place 2 App

Kids Place App

Kids Place is a custom application launcher that allows you to create a customized environment so that your kids can enjoy and learn with the apps of your choice. In other words, your kids will be restricted to use only those apps that have been approved by you. The child lock and the parental control feature of the app provides protection to the device data and also prevents children from texting, downloading new apps, making calls, or any other activity that costs money.

Other Features of the App:
• An auto app restart feature that is convenient for small kids who exit launched apps accidently.
• A timer feature to lock Kids Place after a set time
• A customized home screen with apps authorized by parents
• Multiple user profile support
• A Feature for blocking incoming calls when Kids Place is running
• Custom Wallpaper to customize the experience of the child
• A feature for disabling all wireless signals while Kids Place is functional so as to avoid exposure to WiFi, Bluetooth and Cell phone radiation to your child.
• The home button, search button, back button and calls are locked while Kids Place is running so that kids cannot escape out of it.
• Exiting Kids Place and any change of settings is blocked through a PIN code.

Subscription Fees:
Kids Place is a free app and can be downloaded on your Android device from the Google Play Store.



3.   MMGuardian – Parental Control

MMGuardian App 2

MMGuardian App 1

With a rating of 3.6, MMGuardian – Parental Control is a must have app for any parent who wishes to keep tabs on their child’s activity on the phone. Through this award winning app, the parents can locate their kid’s phone, keep a check on their text activities, and also set various restrictions. In order to use the app, you simply download it on your child’s phone and then set your own device as the admin phone and make the appropriate settings inside the application. The app is an appropriate choice for the older generation of children, and your child will not have to feel embarrassed in front of their peers as MMGuardian does not change the look of the phone.

Other features of the App:
• Enables the parent to locate as well as lock the phone of their child through a web portal or text message
• Sets time restrictions and limits the use of the phone
• Retrieves information about the child’s phone at set predefined times.
• Monitors any alarming text messages
• Allows parents to get a daily report of phone usage of your child.
• Based on your policy settings, it blocks incoming texts and calls.
• Allows controlAllows control of which applications can be used and when.
• Prevents the child from texting and driving.

Subscription Fees:
MMGuardian – Parental Control app comes with an initial 14 days free trial period during which the enhanced features of Time Limits, Scheduled Locate, Text Monitor, Application Control, and Call Block are all functional.
After the free trial period expires, features which remain fully functional include SMS Commands for Siren/Alarm, phone location through SMS, and locking and unlocking of phone through SMS.
In order to have the fully functional enhanced features after the 14 days free trial period, a single phone subscriber has to pay a monthly fee of $3.99 or an annual fee of $34.99. A one-time license fee is also available for $49.99. In order to purchase a family plan, the user has to pay twice the price listed for a single subscriber.



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  1. Vikram Goel says:

    Little update needed Good app. Just one thing. It helps in blocking undesirable stuff, but the children can delete the app from the system and get full access again. Is it possible to add one feature that before deleting it ask for the password set by the parents?

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