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The Top 5 Smart Device Tracking Applications


The very last thing we do before we go to bed and the very first thing we do when we get up in the morning is to check our smartphones.  Perhaps you often ask yourself, how did this tiny device begin to rule my life?  The present day smartphones are not just mere devices of communication but our entire life seems to revolve around it. Whether it is looking for the latest news in the morning, checking the calendar for important meetings, enjoying some music, checking emails, playing games, recording fitness activity, capturing precious moments, checking bank accounts, or anything else, these phones serve as multipurpose gadgets.

Now just imagine if one fine day you lose your invaluable smartphone or it simply gets stolen? I’m going to venture a guess that this would be one of the biggest nightmares for a majority of folks. In today’s computer-age scenario, losing a phone is not the same as losing a piece of jewelry or a wrist watch. It’s more like losing your most trusted friend.  Not only can you lose your data related to contacts, mails, apps, pictures, videos and music but other important information like bank account details, credit card details ( as majority of us keep these confidential information stored in phones) and other details that may fall into the hands of a complete stranger or possibly criminal. Moreover the person who now has your handset will also have access to your social networking sites and other personal details.

Though in spite of the great care you may put into protecting your phone, you cannot prevent unforeseen circumstances like having it stolen or dropping it somewhere.  The good news is there are apps out there that can help you reduce the risk of your phone falling into the wrong hands.   What these tracking apps can do for you is help you locate the device and prevent another individual from getting access to your data. There is wide variety of these apps available on all of the major platforms and below are provided the top apps on all of the popular platforms – Android, iPhone and Windows.


Apps for Android:

Where’s My Droid


Where’s My Droid is one of the most popular phone location apps that enables you to find your phone through a text message or through Commander which is an online control center. The app also enables you to increase the volume of the ringer so that you can know where your handset is. In case you are far from your handset where the ringer cannot be heard, the app has a feature where you can get the GPS coordinates through Google maps.  There are 2 version of this app – Where’s My Droid Full which is a free version and Where’s My Droid PRO which is a paid version.

Features of the app:

Developed by Alienman Technologies LLC, Where’s My Droid has variety of features as below:

  • Helps to locate the phone by vibrating and ringing it
  • Enables you to text your attention word
  • Tracks the phone using the GPS location
  • The GPS flare- provides the alert of the location on low battery
  • In order to prevent the unauthorized changes in the app there is a pass code protection
  • Gives notification when phone number or SIM card is changed
  • The White/Black lost enables you to control as to who can make use of the app through text
  • The Stealth Mode hides the incoming text with the attention word
  • No draining of the battery

In addition to the features above, the advanced features of security in the PRO version include the following:

  • Remotely locking the device
  • Remotely wiping the SD card
  • Remotely wiping the data of the phone
  • Taking pictures from the camera of the device
  • Hiding the icon of the app
  • Preventing the app from being uninstalled
  • Customizable when the ringtone when lost
  • Using the landline to activate the app

Link for downloading the app:



seek droid

seek droid

SeekDroid is a popular app in the Google Store that enables you to track your stolen Android phone or a tablet and secure the information of the device. The app is available in a free version as well as a paid premium version that comes with added features.  Developed by GT Media, LLC The app is easy to setup as well as install.

Features of the app:

The features of the Free version of the app include the following:

  • Locking the device remotely
  • In case if your handset is lost or stolen then the app enables you to wipe the device as well as the SD card
  • Facilitates locating of the device from https://seekdroid.com/
  • Setting off the alarm through a custom message even when the phone is on silent mode
  • Locating the device through a text messages
  • Does not drain the battery when not in use
  • Getting the information of the device regarding battery level, recent calls and IMEI

In addition to the features shown above, the PREMIUM version of the app also includes the following added features:

  • Controlling multiple devices through one account only
  • Gives 30 days of history regarding the location of the device
  • The ‘Breadcrumb location’ feature helps to track the device continuously
  • The app enables you to get the notification when the device moves from a designated area through its ‘Geo fencing’ feature.

Link for downloading the app:



Apps for iPhone

Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone is a well-known app that enables you to remotely track your iOS devices and even helps you to protect your data. The app is available for free and is supported in multiple languages. The app enables you to find your missing phone on a map, play sound, lock it remotely, erase the data present on it, and display a message.  The Find My iPhone app should first be enabled in the iCloud settings on the device and only then can it be located through the application.

Features of the app:

The app has main 3 modes which are as follows:

  • The Lost Mode:

The Lost Mode of the app helps to lock the phone with a passcode. A custom message along with a phone number can be displayed on the lock screen of the phone and in case if anyone finds your phone they can directly call on the number.  The app can track the location of the device.

  • The Play Mode:

Through the play mode, the user can make the phone play a sound at the maximum level and in case if the handset is mute it makes flashing on the screen.

  • Erase iPhone:

The feature helps you to erase all the settings and the contents of the phone. In the case your handset has some important and confidential data and it gets stolen, you can make use of this feature to delete all the information on the phone.  Once this action is performed, however, you cannot locate the device.

Link for downloading the app:




The GadgetTrak app helps you to locate a lost or stolen iPhone by providing location reports with latitude and longitude and map point details. The app can also take pictures of the thief in case the phone is stolen. With the GPS feature, the app helps to track the accurate location of the device and in the event you do not have the GPS function enabled in the device, the app will make use of cell tower/ WiFi positioning technology.

Features of the App:

  • Making use of GPS/WiFi positioning/ cell tower triangulation for locating the device
  • Locating the history as to where the handset has been
  • The app can post the reports related to the location to the web control panel
  • Features automatic push notifications
  • Provides secure SSL connection for transmission of photos and data location
  • Provides camera support for front and rear camera.
  • Provides cross platform support

Link for downloading the app:


Apps for Windows

Find My Phone (WP8)

Find My Phone (WP8) is a Windows based app that helps you to locate your lost or stolen handset. The app is accessible through a control panel that is web based. The app allows you to log in through the liveID which is associated with your handset and helps you to track the device through a map.  In the case that the handset is in a nearby location, you can ring it even if it is on silent mode.

Features of the app:

  • Helps to track your handset on a map
  • Set your device to ring even on silent mode if it is close by
  • Lock the phone remotely and even leave a custom message on the lock screen
  • The app also enables you to wipe the data of the phone remotely

Link for downloading the app:


Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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