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The Top 5 Automobile Apps


The present day smart phones are not merely devices of communication but can also be considered a substitute for multiple gadgets such as MP3 player, GPS devices, camera, video games, tablets and even computers.  Furthermore, the huge market of apps has further enhanced the utility of smart phones which are now capable of looking after all your needs, whether it is booking a cab, scheduling an appointment with a doctor, searching for the latest fashion, playing games, or even looking after your automobile. No matter what type of task or activity you are looking forward to, an app suitable to your needs will usually be available.

Among the various categories of apps, the ones meant for automobiles are also very popular among the population. The automobile apps can be used for multiple purposes, such as  like looking after the maintenance of your vehicle, locating a parked car, searching for a nearby gas station and many other conveniences.  If you have ever experienced a situation where you have forgotten where you parked your car and then walked for hours aimlessly searching for your parked vehicle, then you would certainly appreciate the importance of such apps.  So to avoid losing your car and many other precarious situations there is a multitude of automobile apps that can be downloaded on your phone. For your convenience, we have narrowed down the list of these useful auto apps and are providing the details of the top 5 apps in this category.

My Car Locator


My Car Locator is one of the popular apps that helps you to locate your parked vehicle and performs many other functions as well. Developed by nomadrobot, this app is capable of remembering the location of where you parked your car, and with just a push of a button, you can be guided directly to the location. Just think, with the help of My Car Locator, you can spot your car in the massive parking lots of malls, hotels, markets, camping spots or any other place.

Features of the App:

Some of the main features of the app include the following:

  • My Car Locator is a great app for finding your parked vehicle in big parking, theme parks, campus, unfamiliar areas, sporting events, concerts and other such places.
  • The app is also capable of remembering the locations of various outdoor activities like hiking, boating, camping and others.
  • While searching for your parked vehicle, the app points the arrow towards your location and for distance you can select among feet, yards and meters. It also shows the walking direction towards the vehicle.
  • The app also stores information regarding the duration for which your car is parked.
  • App provides the option between the map view and satellite view.
  • Since the app work on your handset’s GPS so make sure that the feature is switched on. Moreover the app is suitable for outdoors and areas where GPS feature works well.
  • The app also helps to explore new places while you are on foot and also enables you to remember the location of your hotel, bus stop, station or any other place where you wish to return later on.
  • There is a free as well as a paid version of the app.

Link for downloading the app:

Link for Paid version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nomadrobot.mycarlocator&hl=en

Link for free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nomadrobot.mycarlocatorfree&hl=en

Around Me


Developed by Flying Code, AroundMe is a popular app that is capable of identifying your location and then providing information related to the nearest gas station, restaurant, bank, movie theatre, taxi and many other places. So whether you are on an official trip or on a holiday, the app will provide the information related to your surroundings.

Features of the app:

  • Around Me is one of the most used app around the globe that provides information of your surrounding areas.
  • The app is available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese. So no matter whether you are in New York or in Tokyo, all the local information will be available at a mere click of a button.
  • The app integrates the various Augmented Reality features and provides GPS driven directions for the selected destination.
  • There is a huge list of businesses in various categories among which you can select the one as per your requirement and also the app also shows the distance from where you are at your present location.

Link for downloading App:

Link for Android Phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tweakersoft.aroundme&hl=en

Link for iphone devices:


Link for Windows Phone:




GasBuddy is a great application for individuals who look forward to saving a few bucks by finding cheap gas prices. Developed by GasBuddy Organization Inc, this app works by searching for places to get the cheapest gas while on the go as the prices of the gas can vary by up to 20 cents or more per gallon between stations within close proximity of each other. The large number of users on the app report the prices of gas and this in turn updates all the members of the GasBuddy community regarding places where gas is available at the cheapest rate in USA and Canada.

Features of the App:

  • The app helps to find the places on the basis of city, zip code and postal code where gas at cheaper price is available. Thus it provides the real time gas prices.
  • As a user you can also report the price of the gas at your location so that other members can compare and get cheaper gas.
  • The users earn points for reporting the price of the gas and these points can be redeemed against a prize give away.
  • The app also provides an opportunity of winning $100 of gas every day.
  • It works on the common goal of saving money spent on gas.
  • Using GasBuddy you will save your hard-earned money every time you fill up your gas tank.

Links for Downloading the App:

Link for Android Phones:


Link for iPhone devices:


Link for Windows Phone:


Link for BlackBerry Devices:


Beat the Traffic


Developed by Pelmorex Canada Inc, Beat the Traffic is an amazing app for daily drivers which provides real time information of traffic on specific routes.  The app makes your daily commuting easy as well as time saving as it helps you to know which route to take and which to avoid due to traffic incidents or jams. The app is available for users in US and Canada and will surely enhance your driving experience.

Features of the App:

  • The real time traffic information is personalized according to your specified route through this app.
  • The app features a full view of the local map along with real time flow of traffic, incidents and cameras.
  • The app enables you to have push notifications or emails regarding real time traffic.
  • You can create a trip and also get at-a-glance personalized information of traffic on your screen.
  • Users can share and notify incidents with the other commuters. The ‘Shake to report’ feature of the app enables you to simply shake the device in order to report about any incident on route.
  • ‘Regular route’ is recommended as the best route to take, but if there is a better alternative route, then a ‘Smart Route’ will be provided by the app.
  • Besides providing the information about the route, the app also helps you to know the estimated time of travel.

Link for downloading the app:

Link for Android devices:


Link for iPhone:


Car Finder AR


Developed by Hexter Labs Software, Car Finder AR is one of the most popular apps in its category. It enables you to find your parked vehicle through 3D Google maps and augmented reality. It is capable of automatically keeping track of the place where you have parked your vehicle.  The app also provides the driving direction to a nearby parking area. So with Car Finder AR you will not only find the nearest parking space, but it will also keep track of your parked car.

Features of the app:

  • The app makes use of augmented reality, RADAR and 3D maps in order to find the location of your parked car and also provides driving as well as walking direction to the parked location.
  • The app is capable of automatically saving the location as the car is turned off but for this feature you will need to have a Bluetooth connection in your car.
  • In case your car gets stolen, the app features the new GPS Auto track and Car recovery mode in order to track the car.
  • The app also provides information regarding the nearest parking area on the map.
  • It can manage information up to 3 cars.
  • The location of the car can also be sent through Email, Line and Whatsapp through this app.
  • For the convenience of users, the app also features a home screen widget, where users can save the current location with just a click.
  • Parking times, parking meter alarm, location history, shake to save, sharing log on Google calendars, sharing location with friends and advanced algorithms to save battery are some of the other useful features of the app.

Links for downloading the app:

Link for downloading on Android devices:








Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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