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The Samsung S4 versus the Nexus 5


Google Nexus 5 vs Android Galaxy S4

Google Nexus 5 vs Android Galaxy S4


When buying a phone these days, it’s tough to decide which is the best choice for your daily needs. Let’s face it, you are no longer buying a phone, but a full blown computer that connects you with friends, families and co-worker. It seems like the top players: Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Nokia are constantly trying to one up each other while keeping the feature sets basically the same. This is the case with the Samsung S4 and the Nexus 5. The two phones are almost one-to-one with features that you care about such a battery life, phone voice quality, camera capability. Here are some of the things that differentiate the two phones to help you in your choice.

Pros and Cons

Unlike its competitors, the Samsung philosophy seems to be to create phones in which you can swap hardware in and out of the phone. The Galaxy S4 allows you to expand memory by plugging a memory microSD card into the phone as high as 64 gb. That’s probably the equivalent of 16 additional movies to watch at leisure on your phone. Also you can remove the back cover of the S4 and swap in a battery if your battery dies, giving you the potential of infinite battery life (charge one, while using the other).

Other advantages of the S4 are the optics on the camera are better, although Nexus has some anti-blur features in the software. Also users have noted that the Nexus display seems dimmer than the S4 and other competitors The Nexus 5 comes with the latest Google operating system Android KitKat 4.4 with many new software and usability features. The Nexus performs faster than the S4 and has a price tag you can’t beat, starting at $350. The S4 Galaxy runs around a price of $550 with no contract.


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