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Best 5 LG Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobile Phones

Top 5 Best LG Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobile Phones

LG is a well known name when it comes to mobile phones as the company has launched wide range of handsets for different segments of the people.  LG started its mobile phone business in the year 1996 and ...
Top 5 Best 4G Android Mobiles

Top 5 Best 4G Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobiles

With dozens of devices out on the market today and more coming out each week it’s easy to get lost in the world of 4G smartphones. Still, for those looking for unparallel connectivity and access to the ...

Top 5 Best & Latest Compact and Mini Android Smartphones

Sometimes the better choices come in small packages. But for manufacturers of Android smartphones, size matters and compact smartphones are no longer their main focus. In fact, the screen size of the flagship ...

Top 5 Best Android Tablets You Should Certainly Snap Up – 2012

Ever since the advent of tablets, the marketplace has been buzzing with various models and more and more consumers are getting into the action of snapping up their desired tablet. We all know how lucrative ...

Top 5 Best HTC Android Smartphones – 2012

1.  HTC One X When HTC decided to create special smartphones instead of trying to please everyone, the company settled on the HTC One X as its first turnaround product. It did not disappoint as many sang ...

Top 5 Best Android Smartphones From Motorola – 2012

1. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX The Verizon-only Droid RAZR MAXX must be crazy. It has a massive 3,300-mAh battery giving any core user a smile all through the day and night. It runs for 21 hours when fully ...

Top 5 Best Sony Xperia Smartphones (Android) in 2012

Sony continues to extend its Xperia line since buying off its partner Ericsson. There is no more Sony Ericsson so Sony calls the shot as to how the Xperia models are crafted. So far, feedbacks have been ...

Top 10 Best Android Apps in Google Play Store (2012) – Paid and Free

Here, you will find the Top 10 Best AndroidApps in Google Play Store for the year 2012. If you want to know what these apps are, better read on. Five of these apps can be downloaded for free while the ...
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