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Best 5 LG Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobile Phones

Top 5 Best LG Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobile Phones

LG is a well known name when it comes to mobile phones as the company has launched wide range of handsets for different segments of the people.  LG started its mobile phone business in the year 1996 and ...
Top 5 Best 4G Android Mobiles

Top 5 Best 4G Android Smartphones / Handsets / Mobiles

With dozens of devices out on the market today and more coming out each week it’s easy to get lost in the world of 4G smartphones. Still, for those looking for unparallel connectivity and access to the ...
Best Android Action Games

Top 5 Best Android Action Games for your High End Smartphone

When you think of smartphones, you are probably only considering the communication bit of this phone. You will be surprised however, to know that a smartphone can be a great companion when you have some ...
Top 5 Android Themes

Top 5 Best Android Smartphone Themes That Are Simply Eye Candy For You

Having an Android exposes people to so many possibilities. An Android smartphone for instance is no ordinary phone. The amount of features and applications that it allows you to access are vast in comparison ...

Top 5 Best Android Phone Security Apps

Security for phones that are on the Android platform has been the subject of great debate in the recent past as there are people who feel that it is not really important to have antivirus security on Android ...

Top 5 Water Resistant (Water Proof) Android Smartphones

Do you like to do lots of water sports or are you someone who is always worried that your Android smartphone might be damaged if you are drenched from the rain or worse still, dropped into the toilet bowl? ...

Top 5 Most Outstanding Huawei Smartphones

As part of their long-term plan to increase boost sales and increase its presence on the market, Huawei is strategizing how to become among the top five cell phone companies in the US. The company has ...
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