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iPhone 6 concept models by Italian designer Federico Ciccarese.

Apple may look to sapphire and solar power to keep the iPhone as a contender

                  The new apple iPhone 6 will have a virtually ‘indestructible’ 5-inch sapphire curved screen with solar sensors and a 13 mega-pixel ...

Apple Releases Affordable Version of iPhone

Finally news that Apple users will enjoy immensely! Some informer confirmed that there is definitely going to be low-cost iPhone and we are willing to believe this rumor simply because so far the information ...

Apple iPad Mini will Most Probably Get Retina Display.

Apple iPad mini marked some significant success – there are no two opinions on this topic. And when we talk about successful devices, we can’t help but mention the fact that the successor should be ...
iPad 5

Apple iPad 5 Real Front Panel Leaked ?

Now this is one of those anticipated rumors that will shake the world. Is it possible that this leaked picture is in fact the new front panel of Apple’s next generation iPad? According to many people, ...

Apple Macbook Pro With 13 inch Retina Display Announced Officially – Specs, Features & Price

Those of who have been coveting the glorious Apple Macbooks are in for a sweet little surprise in the form of the new 13 inch Macbook with a slight upgrade: retina display. The slim lightweight frame and ...

Apple iPad Mini New Announced Officially – Specs & Features

Finally out to combat the other small 7 inch tablets running amok on the market, the new iPad Mini was officially announced by Apple earlier the other day. Rumors and speculations on the development of ...

Apple’s New iMac Unveiled Officially – Specs, Features & Price

Apple is notorious for producing outstanding computers and laptops that feature stunningly sharp displays, fast processors, and that perform well above expectations. Here recently Apple has finally made ...

Apple’s iOS6 Launched – See its all Specifications and Features Here

When the Apple iOS6 was unveiled to the public, a lot of potential users were lining up to get their hands on the newest member of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch family. The phone presents unlimited possibilities ...

Apple iPad 3 Versus Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Which One Gets The Crown ?

There has never been an interesting time for consumer electronics like today. What can anyone say about the never-ending race of Samsung and Apple? Today, two iconic devices from the two companies are ...

iPhone 5 : The Latest Scoop On New Features and Specifications (Rumors)

We all know that Apple is giving us a new iPhone soon. In fact, I am not upgrading my phone just yet; I don’t want to be left out of the iPhone offering. So, if you like me or are just interested on ...
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