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5 Top Utility Apps for Android

The Android app store is the largest app store in the world, consisting of some of the coolest, most useful, productive and highly entertaining apps in the world.  Android based Smartphones and tablets ...

Top 5 Best Social Apps for your Android Device – Keep Connected Well In Your Social Networks

From the time Twitter and Facebook exploded, among the most sought after and downloaded apps are social apps. The many uses of these apps range from helping one locate places to communicating with friends ...

Top 5 Best Android Phone Security Apps

Security for phones that are on the Android platform has been the subject of great debate in the recent past as there are people who feel that it is not really important to have antivirus security on Android ...

Top 10 Best Android Apps in Google Play Store (2012) – Paid and Free

Here, you will find the Top 10 Best AndroidApps in Google Play Store for the year 2012. If you want to know what these apps are, better read on. Five of these apps can be downloaded for free while the ...
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