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Sony VAIO T14 Windows 8 Ultrabook Unveiled – Specifications, Features & Price

With the impending release of Windows 8, Sony has lined up a bevy of Ultrabooks which are expected to be rolled out in one single swoop. Included in this line-up is the Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook. The VAIO T14 joins an exciting mix of Windows-8 ready gadgets that are slated to be released in the market before the end of the month. Aside from the T-series Ultrabook, the company is also releasing the VAIO Duo 11 hybrid, the E-Series laptops and the S-Series laptops.

The T14 Ultrabook is a stylish Sony gadget that should be in your shortlist of choices when you still want to do things the old-fashioned way; that is with a trackpad and keyboard. This mid-range 14-inch Sony Ultrabook comes up with the same metal-and-plastic configuration as that of the T13 Ultrabook and one of the key differences between the 2 gadgets is that the former comes with a speaker system that is positioned just above the keyboard.

Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook

At closer inspection, one will observe that there is a clear variance in the weight and dimensions of the T13 and T14, with the latter coming out as the heavier and thicker version. The VAIO T14 Ultrabook has a wider chassis to accommodate the optical drive. A relatively minor damper for the 14-inch version is the absence of additional ports despite its larger footprint. Just like with its smaller sibling, the Sony VAIO T14 only gets a pair of USB ports – one for USB 3.0 and another one for USB 2.0. In addition to this, it also features an HDMI output, a VGA socket, audio-out and an Ethernet jack. Tech buffs agree that an additional USB connection or two would have been the logical move for this stylish Ultrabook.

The Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook is a Windows-8 compliant gadget that features a 14.1-inch LED display with a 1366 x 768p resolution. It is powered by the 3rd-generation Intel Core i3/i5 processor and this is matched with a 4GB of RAM, which can be upgraded up to 8GB by the user. The internals of the VAIO T14 Ultrabook is complemented by an Intel HD Graphics 3000 and an Intel chipset.

The T14 Ultrabook is actually the first 14-inch laptop under the T-series and it is expected to be sold for about $669.99. There are unverified reports that it will be available in the market before the end of the month. On the other hand, the T13 with the optional touchscreen will set you back by $799.99. One of the key advantages of the T13 with the touchscreen option is that it has a stylish glass display with edge-to-edge configuration, and this is clearly a major upgrade from the standard wide bezel.


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