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Samsung Google Chromebook ARM Based Laptop – Specs, Features & Price

While most players in the PC market have eased up on the throttle with the impending launch of Windows 8, some experts believe that it is not the best time to roll out a new laptop. Google and Samsung think otherwise, and are actually taking the bull by the horn with the official announcement of the release of the Chromebook laptop. This ultrabook-like laptop will completely rely on the cloud-based Chrome OS by Google. Instead of having an Intel CPU, the Google Chomebook is a Samsung ARM-based laptop and comes with just a minimal 16GB storage and a 2GB RAM.

Samsung Chromebook - Google OS

This latest Chromebook marks Google’s fresh shot at attracting consumers by offering the opportunity to store data not on their computer but through the cloud services of the search giant. This third gen Chromebook, which will be known as Samsung Chromebook, undercuts competition as it enters the market next week bearing a price tag of just $249. The Windows RT will be sold at a price of $500 while the MacBook Air will set users back by about $1,000. The Samsung Chromebook is clearly being positioned by Samsung and Google as the best option, pricewise.

Additionally, the cost of the newest Chromebook is also lower than its predecessor, the Chromebook Series 550, which has a price tag of $449 and has an Intel Celeron chip under its hood. And while the Samsung Chromebook comes out of the box with Wi-Fi connectivity, it does not provide capability for 3G networking. Another version of the Samsung Chromebook, which offers 3G connectivity, is now listed on Amazon and bears a price of $330. The 3G service is provided by Verizon and offers a maximum storage of 100MB per month for the next 2 years.

Samsung ARM-Based Laptop

The Google Chromebook has a dual-core Exynos 5 and matched by a 2GB of RAM and a 16GB flash storage. It also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, an 11-6-inch display with a 1366 x 768p screen resolution, a slot for SD card, Chrome Keyboard, a USB 2.0 socket, a USB 3.0 port, HDMI output and a headphone-mic combo jack. This spec list should give it extra elbow room that would differentiate it from the earlier laptop models which are a lot slower. And because of its stripped-down configuration, the Samsung Chromebook would not require a cooling fan even when it is operating and processing a multiple computational tasks. It tips the scale at 2.5lb and has a thickness of under 0.8 inches, and according to Google, this latest Chromebook can operate for 6.5 hours.

Samsung ARM-Based Chromebook

In a related development, the search giant is taking major steps to boost the exposure of the Chrome OS hardware. With the scheduled roll-out of the Samsung Chromebook next week, Google will also expand its Best Buy Kiosk and add another 500 from the existing 100 Best Buy kiosks. And aside from Amazon, the newest Chromebook will also be available in other online retail outlets like TigerDirect.

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