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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the latest smartphone launched by Samsung Mobile, which is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6. The S7 was announced in February 2016 and has been available in the smart phone market since March 2016. It has been the talk of the town among smart phone enthusiasts and technologists and below are some specifications about this smart phone which will tell you why it is one of the best options to be considered if you are planning to buy a smartphone.

Design and appearance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has got an all-new enhanced and classy look. Its curved back is similar to that of the design of Galaxy Note5 and it is an attractive and slim smart phone device. It measures 142.4 X 69.6 X 7.9.mm and weights 152 grams. Though the rear design is similar to the Note5, the front is an entirely new design. The side edges of the glass fade out towards the frame at a more gradual angle than the top and bottom.

The controls are where they are supposed to be and are configured in a user friendly way. The fingerprint sensor is located inside the home button, which requires a double press in order to be operated. The card trays accept a micro SD card and a Nano SIM and it has expandable storage. Because of the expandable memory features, memory shortage issues can easily be managed. It has a certified water resistance of up to 1.5m depth for up to half an hour and the entire body of this smart phone model is dust tight so small particles cannot cause blockage issues with this smart phone design.



Perfection is the adjective which can be used to describe the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7. It holds the title of being one of the best smart phone screens in the current market because of its amazing display features. It is a 5.1 inch QHD panel display with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels and like all the other Samsung Galaxy flagship models, it uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology for its screen.

The AMOLED display performs better when compared with an LCD screen. The black screens look deep in color instead of looking grey and washed out. The red colors always look brighter because AMOLED screens are always said to have oversaturated colors, but this is not really a big problem. If you want the brightness of the color to be toned down, there is always a picture setting option for that. The pixel clarity of the display is very high and because of this, gives the user a wonderful sharp video viewing experience on this smart phone. The panel design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is simply spectacular and gorgeous with an equally phenomenal display quality.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by either the Exynos 8890 or the Snapdragon 820 processor, depending on the region where you buy the phone. Each of these models comes with a respective GPU, Mali-T880 MP 12 in the Exynos version and Adreno 530 in the Snapdragon version. There is 4GB of internal storage RAM where you can store all your data and if you require extra storage space, expandable memory with the help of a micro SD card slot is always a viable option to use.

The Snapdragon version performs slightly better in single core teststhan the Exynos, however, the Exynos CPU won out in multi-core testing. In the end, both are top-tier chipsets and sono matter which version you decide to use, amazing smart phone performance is guaranteed.


The battery capacity of this smart phone model from Samsung has increased as compared to its previous model. It houses a battery of 3,000 mAh and the power pack is not user-replaceable. It is coupled with the existing fast wired and wireless charging. While having a video playback, the battery lasts for up to 15 hours and while conducting 3G calls, it lasts for up to 23 hours. Surfing on the web makes the battery last for 10 long hours. The standby battery can perform for up to 80 hours as per the trial claims.

Camera and connectivity:

This smart phone boasts an amazing 12 MP camera with a dual pixel technology and a phase detection agent at every pixel capture. It has got a really fast auto-focusing both in daylight as well as the dark. The lens gives a brighter effect as well. A single LED technology is used for the operation of the flash. Double pressing on the home button launches the camera directly and the Pro mode for this camera allows you to make manual settings as well. Capturing RAW images is an available option as well.

The output photos are available with details and the night shots are pretty clear too. The selfie camera is of 5 MP witha f/1.7 aperture and there is also an added screen fill flash feature which assists the user when there is no other light source available around. You can see with all these rich camera features why the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a wonderful buy for smart phone shutterbugs.


If an amazing camera, expandable memory, and an unusually long battery life isn’t enough,  the audio output on this smart phone uses a singer driver and produces sound without any distortions in the quality of sound produced. The sound output is generated through a 3.5mm jack and the volume is amazing when connected with an external amplifier. The sound bass can be adjusted with the settings and therefore if your smart phone is also your music listening device, this phone is indeed a great buy.

Comparison with predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6:

In terms of appearance, the S7 is almost similar to the S6. Though the body is housed in a different glass and aluminum body, the camera sensor bump on the rear has a four-fold reduction in size. The S7 has a dual pixel technology which is an additional feature in the camera of the Samsung S7 when compared to the S6. The Samsung galaxy S6 sported a smaller 2550 mAh battery compared to the S7 model, which houses a 3,000 mAh battery and hence, this feature is an improvement.

The Galaxy S7 has a step up with the Snapdragon 820 processor while the Galaxy S6 housed the Exynos 7420 processor. The S6 processor had 3GB RAM whereas the S7 processor has 4GB RAM, a bit more memory than its predecessor and therefore better performance.

Considering the overall features and performance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is definitely a big leap forward from the older model of the Samsung Galaxy S6.



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