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Rumored February 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 Release – Price, Specs and Features Leaked

The tech world is abuzz with rumors of an impending release of Samsung Galaxy S4 in February next year. This has recently fueled the rumor mill while we are still having our fill of the latest news about Samsung Galaxy S3. Unverified reports are pointing at an unveiling of the “next-generation” Samsung gadget during a trade show this winter.

The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 started to make the rounds a few after the formal launch of iPhone 5. Latest news reports cited an unnamed company source who confirmed that Samsung is nearing the final phase of its preparations for the scheduled launch of the next generation Galaxy, which is expected to coincide with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain which is slated on the early part of 2013.

If these rumors turn out to be accurate, then the probable timeline for this latest Samsung gadget to hit the market will be before the end of the first quarter of 2013. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is billed to be the most powerful mobile gadget of the company and it will come with enhanced specifications and cutting-edge software. With its entry into the market by the early part of 2013, the Galaxy S4 is expected to maintain the edge of the Korean electronics giant in the mobile market.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has released an official statement denying the rumor and branded them as purely speculative in nature. And while all these rumors about the upcoming Galaxy variant are making the rounds, the purported specs, features and sticker price were leaked by unnamed industry insiders. According to the unverified reports, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will tout a bigger 5-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution and a pixel density of 350ppi, although there is no word yet if the company will adopt the flexible screen technology for this new gadget. It was also reported that the Galaxy S4 will have an Exynos hexa-core 2.5GHz processor under its hood, which is matched by a 3GB internal memory and a 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Meanwhile, local parts suppliers of Samsung are in agreement that the upcoming gadget will utilize the LTE network and that it will come out of the box preinstalled with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean. And since we cannot avoid making a direct comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5, it is worth noting that the differential advantages of the former are in various features such as the microSD slot, 4G connectivity and NFC.

Tech experts are expecting a fair degree of changes in the looks department, although it is quite clear that the rectangular shape and rounded corners will be retained in this soon-to-be-released Samsung gadget. And while there is no word yet on the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4, several market analysts and industry experts are looking at a possible contract price of about $199.

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