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Rumored Android 4.2 Release Floated – Tags OS on Nexus 7, Motorola RAZR Nexus and Motorola Nexus Tablet

The rumor mill is on frenzied pace with all the developments and new gadgets that have been cropping up in feverish succession. Among the hottest rumors lately is the reported release of Android 4.2, which according to unverified reports will be officially confirmed next month. There are also some rumors circulating that the LG Optimus G Nexus is the first Android gadget that will have the Android 4.2 pre-installed. But before we get overly excited about this recent development, we have to remember that these latest Android 4.2 would correspond to a minor OS update.

And while the buzz about this latest Android OS update is fueling the grapevine, we are also witnessing a strong response to Google’s upcoming Nexus gadget. There are loose talks from various sources about the Android 4.2 on the LG Optimus G Nexus and we are now getting trickles of more details on what we are about to get from this latest OS update until next month. Some quarters are insisting that it will carry the same name – Jelly Bean – although others claim that it will be known by a different name. Nonetheless, the name would not really matter much, whether it would be Kandy Cane, Key Lime Pie or even Jelly Bean.

Another unnamed source has added some interesting details about the upcoming Android OS update. According to the tipster, the upcoming OS update will feature a new center for customization and something that relates to Nexus Certification Program. As it turns out today, all these interesting details are turning out to be mere teasers of the big things about the Android 4.2 OS update.

Nexus - Android 4.2

An enterprising tech buff was able to extract some interesting information and data from server logs and these gave us some insights about the devices that will run on the upcoming Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. One important thing to note is that the unnamed source has strong reasons to believe that the next OS update will still be referred to as Jelly Bean and that the upcoming Nexus device will run on Android 4.2.

Among the important entries in the server logs include “Android 4.2,” “Nexus 7,” Galaxy Nexus,” “occam,” “manta” and the letter “J” in the Build code. There is reason to believe that we will still be stuck with the same name as its immediate predecessor. The build numbers of the Nexus Device is typically preceded by and the starting character of the codename for the Android version. Thus, it is safe to assume that letter “J” has reference to Jelly Bean.

Of course, we really don’t have to decode anything as far as the references to Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus are concerned and these are explicitly included in the server logs. How about the claim of the next Motorola Nexus running on the upcoming Android OS version? Our unnamed tipster strongly believes that the entry “occam” in the server logs is actually referring to “Occam’s Razor.” Thus, our source is pretty certain that this entry was made in reference to Motorola RAZR that will run on the latest Android OS.

What can we make out of the entry “manta” in the server logs? We should take note of the fact that the XOOM tablets of Motorola use aquatic creatures in their naming scheme – wingray and stingray. Thus, there is a clear indication that such entries are referring to a Motorola Nexus tablet.

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