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Rumor has it! Is HTC Going to Announce a “Mini” Version of Their Flaghship – One ?

Lots of rumors have been spread all over internet concerning the release of mini version of HTC’s long-awaited device – One. It seems that some HTC insiders managed to get their hands on an unofficial photo with the supposed device. Probably the model will go by the name M4.

The design of the smartphone itself looks pretty much as the design of HTC One – it has the same case made of aluminum and frame going around the edges. There are also two front speakers that can be seen on the photo. The first difference that can be easily spotted is the position of the LED flash and the camera.

If you are HTC fan then you should remember that the code name of HTC One was M7, and because of this reason M4 sounds a little bit suspicious and possible for the mini version – this is some serious food for thought. It will not be a huge surprise if later this month HTC comes up with an official statement regarding the Mini version of their flagship. After all, the market niche of “mini” versions of flagship devices is becoming more and more popular. Take Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini for example!

HTC One Mini

We also managed to pull up some information regarding the hardware specifications of the device. HTC M4 will probably have 4.3” 720p display, 2GB RAM, Qualcomm dual-core 1.5GHz processor (probably Snapdragon S4) and 16GB of space. As for the battery capacity – it is expected to be 1800mAh while the OS – 4.2 JellyBean.

Unfortunately there is no reliable information on the camera. Some rumors state the device will be equipped with BSI sensor and 13MP camera, while others claim the Mini version will adopt the new UltraPixel technology of its “bigger brother” One, which means the camera will be set to 4MP.

HTC M4 might be announced somewhere in June this year. The smartphone is expected to have LTE version


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