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RIM Unveils BlackBerry OS 10 (BB 10) – Get the Latest on the Features and Specs

The latest news and updates on RIM’s front is the unveiling of the Blackberry OS 10. And it has been just a few hours back that they showcased the BlackBerry with its enhanced BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Messenger, Active Frames, Flow UI and a lot more. And while it is now considered to be one of the most highly guarded secrets by the company, tech gadget buffs are having this rare chance of getting a sneak peek at the BB 10 in action before it hits the market by early part of 2013.

On the visual aspect, the BlackBerry OS 10 appears to be slightly lumpier with its corners that are squared-off and the gadget also comes with a removable battery door. Another important note about the configuration of the BB 10 is the raised lip somewhere at the bottom section of the front side of the mobile gadget, as this may present some issues when you swipe it up.

The version of the BB 10 that was recently unveiled comes with a more complete set of features compared to the version that developers will be getting on their Dev Alpha hardware. And it is safe to assume that the latter version will closely approximate the final BB 10 version that will be launched early next year.

 BlackBerry 10

Here are some important Specs and Features of the BlackBerry OS 10 that we can break down and analyze.

Lock Screen – At the instance that the gadget is powered on, the user will immediately experience the fun and lock screen that was earlier reported. To unlock the display, one only needs to drag his finger from the bottom and going up, while doing this, one can see through its OS. The gadget’s OS will bring you back to where you have left off. Through the lock screen, users can quickly access its camera and it also features a preview of upcoming appointments and incoming messages.

App Drawer Horizontal Scrolling – In the previous version of the BB10, the application shortcuts displayed on the app drawer are scrolled vertically. This soon-to-be released version of the BlackBerry OS 10 will now have horizontal panes and experts agree that this is a smart move by RIM. Horizontal scrolling is a much more seamless experience as users can now do rapid scrolling and jump from the first one and straight to the fifth one in just a single tap.

BlackBerry Hub – This refers to the unified inbox of the BB 10, and this new name fittingly describes that it is more than just your ordinary email box. A lot has changed in the BlackBerry Hub since the gadget was previewed at BlackBerry World last May. It would be a tricky undertaking if we try to explain the major tweaks in words and it is best that we watch videos that showcase the BlackBerry Hub.

Active Frames – The apps are displayed on a dedicated pane on the gadget’s home screen when these are open but are not minimized. Under this mode, they are called Active Frames and not Live Tiles or Widgets. The Active Frames display several information or data that are useful depending on the decsion of the developer.

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