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Panasonic AX Series Windows 8 Ultrabook Hybrid Unveiled at CEATEC 2012 in Japan

Panasonic is the recent addition to the manufacturers who are making a beeline for the next generation tablets and notebooks that run on Windows 8. The company unveiled 3 models of its ultrabooks under the AX series that are Windows 8 compliant during the CEATEC 2012 held in Chiba, Japan. The foldable Windows 8 ultrabook, which comes in Standard and Pro editions, touts an 11.6-inch display with the popular 1366 x 768p screen resolution.

A touchscreen is automatically loaded when the Panasonic AX series is folded in half and the folded section of the Panasonic ultrabook serves as the stand, while the revealed portion becomes the touchscreen. Beyond this nifty feature of the gadget, there are other exciting features and specs.

Panasonic AX Series Ultrabook - Windows 8

There are 3 models of the Panasonic AX Series Ultrabook – the 1.7GHz and the 1.9GHz on the Intel Core i5 and the 1.9GHz on the Intel Core i7. This is matched by a 4GB DDR3 RAM and an SDD with 128 GB for the 3 models under the AX series. This top-tier Windows 8 ultrabook goes against the current norm and comes with a removable battery. An extra battery is bundled in the model that has the Intel Core i5 with the faster clocking and the model with the Intel Core i7. The model with the top-tier processor shall also feature a connectable projector, which will come in handy for a broad range of work and business uses.

The Panasonic AX Series Windows 8 hybrid ultrabook will roll out loaded with a slew of ports – 2 ports for USB 3.0, HDMI, headphone, mic, Ethernet and SD Card Reader ports. When it comes to the form factor, the AX series may not necessarily be the smoothest device in the market today, but it is certainly a unique ultrabook. Additionally, a high-definition webcam is embedded on the ultrabook’s screen bezel.

Panasonic AX Series Ultrabook Models

Panasonic has always been known for the unique look of its devices, although the brand has not really developed a reputation for stylish designs. The AX series is no different and it boasts a unique appearance with its foldable feature. However, some reviewers ascribe low points to the device for its weight and thickness.

The company has confirmed the scheduled roll out of the Panasonic ultrabook in the Japanese market by the last week of October. According to company insiders, the global launch will immediately follow and this is expected to happen before the end of the year. Still, nothing is definite yet as everything will largely depend on how the device will fare in the Japanese market. There are no official statements yet from Panasonic with regard to the price of the Panasonic AX series. Other industry players are expected to follow suit and introduce their respective tablets and ultrabooks that are Windows-8 ready.

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