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Motorola Moto X Phone Going To Be Unveiled Soon

There has been much speculation regarding the upcoming Motorola Moto X Phone, which is due to be released in October of 2013. While there are ideas about the design of the phone, the price and the features which will be included, much of the news relating to this phone is purely rumors.

Recent advertisements seem to show that this smart phone will be very customizable, although there is little concrete information as to the exact ways whereby owners will be able to customize it. Several other ideas have been gained from speculating, including theories that the phone will include 2GB of RAM, a 720p HD screen and a brilliant 4.3-inch screen.

While most Motorola fans anticipate this phone will be released in October, they are holding their breath in the hope that the date may be brought forward. Further rumors suggest that the phone could be released to the public as early as August 1st 2013, which would certainly make a lot of people happy.

Motorola Google X Phone

One of the expected features of this phone is that it will be extremely hard-wearing. Users won’t have to worry too much about dropping the phone on hard ground, as it will take more than one fall to damage this gadget. Fans are waiting to see what the design of the phone will be, as it will be interesting to see Motorola’s attempt at designing a sleek and elegant phone which can withstand a few accidents.

Another exciting feature of the hotly anticipated Motorola Moto X is that it will recognize surroundings while being carried around. Sensors in the phone will recognize when the owner is in a car, walking, stationary or in other situations.

It will be very interesting to see exactly what is included in this smart phone, as the new expected features are certainly the kind of things that gadget lovers are searching for in today’s market.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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