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Most Competitive Plans Of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon And Sprint


The growing mobile phone market is becoming even fiercer with the launch of the latest high end smart phones offering a jaw-dropping spec sheet for an enhanced customer experience. The mobile manufacturers are leaving no stones unturned to create a niche for themselves, and this has led to a multitude of options for the user.

Selecting a particular smartphone model is a personal choice that depends upon multiple factors such as the appearance of the handset, its processor and performance, its multimedia features, the operating system, and other factors.

Not unlike the handset industry, the telecom industry in the U.S.is also becoming more competitive with lucrative deals and packages offered by all the major operators. The U.S. industry is dominated by Verizon controlling nearly 31% of the market share, followed by AT&T with 27% market share and then followed by Sprint and T-Mobile with 11% market share each.

When it comes to selecting a carrier and a data plan, one has to make a choice depending upon tax fees, data packages and many other factors. T-Mobile and AT&T offer the GSM network so that handsets working on their carrier can work outside the country as well as inside and also offer international roaming without any need for a SIM change. On the other hand, Verizon and Sprint do not offer services outside the U.S. but they do offer 3G services throughout their entire network.

A variety of plans are offered by these 4 major service providers in the U.S. In this article we have compiled the most competitive plans offered by the major carriers.



 AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan: The Share Value Plan by AT&T is touted as one of the best pricing plan by the company that offers data sharing on up to 10 devices with variety of offers.

Some of the highlights of this plan include the following:

  • There is no annual service contract option
  • Offers unlimited messaging including text, picture and videos message from the U.S. to some of the selected countries
  • Offers unlimited talk as well as text services
  • Allows 50GB of free cloud storage with AT&T Locker
  • Allows data sharing with up to 10 devices

Selection of the Plan:

A user can select the right plan for themselves by simply selecting the amount of data that needs to be shared, selecting the handset and then add the devices they would like to include on the plan.  These devices can include laptops, net books, tablets, gaming devices, wireless home phone and other internet-ready devices.

When it comes to making international calls, the users get to enjoy as low as 1¢per minute while making calls to Mexico, Canada, Caribbean countries and major Latin American countries. Calls to the rest of the World are charged at 8¢ per minute.  Users can also add available countries to any AT&T wireless voice plan and receive reduced rates by paying an additional $5 per month.

Benefits of the Plan:

Besides offering the latest 2GB data plan with more savings, other benefits include a mobile hotspot for capable devices with an additional cost of $20/mo. Users can save $25/month by selecting the No Annual Service Contract Option on plans with 10GB or higher over the 2-year contract plan if they have multiple devices.


1 Line – $65/mo.  (Includes 2GB data and unlimited talk and text, tax not included)

2 Smart Phones with 10 GB/Shared-  $130/mo. (unlimited talk and text, does not include tax)



The MORE Everything plan: The big red Giant has expanded the benefits of its Share Everything Plan by offering its new More Everything plan that allows the freedom to select the data you want to share with the devices on your account.

Some of the features of the plan include the following:


  • Connection of up to 10 devices including your smartphones, tablets and others.
  • Allows shareable data so that you can use it on your own device or can also share with your family.
  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Mobile hotspot capability
  • Twice the network strength with doubles 4G LTE bandwidth
  • 25GB of Verizon cloud storage
  • Unlimited international messaging
  • Unlimited Text for $5/monthly account access is included in 700 minute no data plan.


Working of the Plan:

In the MORE Everything Plan the user has to first decide upon the number of devices they will be using on the plan and then select the data that needs to be shared across the selected devices.

Now users can change their plan anytime without having any affect on the contract term and also allows the user to keep an eye on their bill by monitoring their data usage.


4 lines can share 10 GB data for $160 (tax not included)



Simple Choice Plan: The T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan offers the simplicity of one plan for the user with a variety of benefits.

Some of the notable features of the plan include:

  • No annual service contracts
  • Unlimited text, talk and data with no overages
  • Unlimited international data and text in more than 120 countries
  • Unlimited international texting from US
  • Up to 1GB of 4G LTE data and if needed you can also add more 4G LTE data as per your requirements.


Additional Service:

Along with the given benefits, after selecting the device, the users can also go for the following additional services:


  • Upgrading to the latest device with protection of investment with Lookout Mobile Security Premium and Premium Handset Protection for $10 per month.
  • Stateside International Talk & Text that allows the user to stay in contact with their loved ones for $10-$15 per month.
  • Get information regarding the name and number of the caller, even if they are not present in your address book for $3.99/month.
  • As of this writing, T-Mobile is offering to buy out your existing AT&T annual contract.



As low as $40/month (unlimited talk text) with 500MB Data.

$60/month (unlimited talk text data, 3GB Data, but speeds reduce after 3 GB)




Framily Plan: With this latest plan by Sprint, additional users have been added to the group plan, and so more savings for all. This plan is available for existing as well new users. One can add up to 10 friends and dear ones to the group, dubbed the Framily.


Some of the main features of the plan include the following:

  • Users need to pay $55/month per line to enjoy unlimited text and talk.
  • The plan offers 1 GB of data
  • With every new member joining the group, the cost of each member reduces by $5 per month subject to maximum monthly discount of $30/line in group.
  • When the group has at least 7 members, all of them get to enjoy unlimited text, talk and 1GB Data for $25/month for up to 10 people.
  • Offers flexibility to all the members to customize the plan as per their requirements.


$55/month for a single line

$25/month each for 10 users.




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