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Microsoft Announced Windows Blue – New Version with Improved Compatibility

Monday was the day in which Microsoft confirmed the long-awaited update for Windows 8 that will make the operating system more user-friendly and at the same time it would be run on more devices that differentiate from each other in terms of battery life, form factors and display sizes. Therefore we can be sure we will see more small 7” tablets that will run Windows 8 in the near future. This means that the iPad Mini will start having even more rivals. If you are keen on Windows 8 and you are following the latest news regarding the anticipated update, then you should know that there have been some rumors circulating internet for some time. The name of the new software release is going to be Blue and it will give even more freedom to users and businessmen who want not only to work but play on their tablets as well.


Actually Windows 8 is gaining lots of popularity. Interesting fact is that you can find more apps for it, than iOS were offering for their devices, when initially launched. This should definitely speak for itself as Windows is trying to become the market leader. It is reported that more than 300 000 apps for Windows 8 were downloaded which can be considered as major success.

So far more than 100 000 000 licenses have been sold, which shows that people are actually paying serious interest to Microsoft’s latest operating system. We have to admit that it is a pretty good move by them to release new software version with improved compatibility simply because it will attract even more customers. As a matter of fact 50% of those licenses were sold by January. The statistics includes devices that are shipped with originally installed version. However, we have to wait a little bit more in order to see whether or not Windows Blue will meet the requirements of all those people out there.

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