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LG Optimus G Pro – the Next Supposed Phablet Leader! Now Available on AT&T


Finally, AT&T made LG’s device – Optimus G Pro official. Now users have really nice alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is no secret to phone geeks that LG’s device has really great specifications and lots of people will actually prefer getting it, rather than buying the already little-bit old-fashioned Galaxy Note 2. With Optimus G Pro you will get HD IPS display (1080p), Snapdragon 600 processor, clocked at 1.7Ghz, 13MP rear-facing camera, doing just amazing pictures, and 2.1MP front-facing camera. The RAM is set to 2GB while the battery is extended to 3,150mAh.

If you have paid attention to some of our earlier articles regarding LG Optimus G Pro, then you should know that there were some problems with the AT&T LTE bands – well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore because this problem has been fixed! Having this function enabled and combined with the wireless charging support, you can be sure that you will always have a good handset while on the go.

However, what we consider as a bit disappointing is the fact that AT&T will not offer the white version of G Pro. So, you will have to leave this aside, and get used to the fact you will be able to get only the black version. Speaking of design and colors, we can’t help but mention that the device itself looks really nice and the craftsmanship is pretty solid. It still has lots of plastic on it, though.


Now let’s pay attention to the software front! If you have already decided that you want to buy the device from AT&T, then you should know there will be a couple of their own applications implemented on the phone. The default OS version is 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean. However, you will be able to take advantage of some really cool features by LG such as multi-tasking tools or VuTalk – an innovative screen sharing feature.

And last but not least – the price. AT&T stated that you will be able to enquire the device for 200$ on a two-year contract. We do believe that this is a great deal simply because the device turned out to be really great in terms of software and hardware performance. So in case you are looking for a phablet and you don’t want to spend a small fortune for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Optimus G Pro is the proper choice!

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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