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Introducing the Galaxy Note 7


The latest Samsung flagship device was launched this week, and it grabbed the attention of the masses as expected. Samsung decided to skip the Note 6, which should’ve been the name of the device if the chronological order was followed and opted to call their latest flagship device “Note 7.” The Note series is notorious for its large size and outstanding specs. This year, it has kept the tradition alive as it is equipped with invaluable specs.

Inheriting the 5.7-inch screen of its predecessor, the Note 7 boasts a Super AMOLED display along with curved screen edges just like in the Galaxy S7 series. It is also waterproof, and Samsung has promised that the stylus will work under water as well which can be seen as a great plus point. The experience underwater, however, is not too great considering it’s just the first time that this feature is being introduced. The outlook also holds 13 megapixels back camera, and a wide angle 5mp front facing shooter to capture amazing selfies. The note 7 is powerful yet beautiful, it has a 3500MAh battery, which is huge and is capable of utilizing fast charging. A quad-core processor and a 4GB ram ensure immense power and speed to give a free flowing user experience.  The memory on this device is known to be 64Gb and supports micro SD cards as well. The note 7 is an elegant tool that comes with the latest version of Android and the state of the art technology that Samsung always brings in its cell phones.

Considering all the specs above, one might question that what’s new in this Note device that was not present in the latest S series device? Well, the answer to that is IRIS. Along with the protection of the fingerprint scanner, the Note 7 has IRIS, which is a system that scans your eyes to lock and unlock the phone. This is a standout feature that is very useful apps such as Samsung Pay. The overall feel of the metal body is marvelous and despite having a large size, it is easy to grip owing to the curved edges. The display is vivid and stunning giving the high level of detail while running 4K videos. All these features separate it from other flagship devices of either Samsung or its main competitors. It looks like this phone will run for the best smartphone of the year award.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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