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Intel’s Bay Trail processor to be offered across Android tablets


To this date, Intel’s 64- bit Bay Trail processor has been featured on PCs  but in the near future, tablets powered by the Bay Trail processor will start rolling out into the marketplace. News of the processor has been revealed by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. This processor will not only be available on tablets but on a whole gamut of devices (including Ultrabooks) by next quarter this year. Intel’s previous Atom 64-bit chip, was only packaged inside of high density servers, but Bay Trail is the first Atom processor which is a 64-bit edition that can be used on tablets, Ultrabooks, and other devices. Another reason why this processor wasn’t running on Android tablets until now is because these processors were largely restricted to Windows 8.1 based devices.  Clearly, Intel originally intended for the Bay Trail processor to target Windows devices and not Android.

Among the advantages of Bay Trail processor, it has been seen that 64-bit support can provide improvements not only in the performance of the device but also in the security aspect. It seems inevitable that mobile devices of the future will be largely utilizing Intel’s Bay Trail 64-bit processor because of some of its technical advantages competitors. As far as performance gains are concerned, Intel claims that Adobe Photoshop will run up to 40% faster on this processor. One of the reasons why Apple has moved much ahead of its competitors in the tablet and Smartphone market is due to the fact that products like iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display were installed with high performance 64-bit A7 processors. Intel’s Bay Trail processor may help level the playing field for Android and Window mobile devices.

Intel has finally given a hint that it would be scrapping the 32-bit processor because its architecture wasn’t powerful enough to do complex work and perform serious tasks. Also a problem with the older Bay Trail chip is that its 32-bit architecture proved to be more of a limitation as it led to driver compatibility issues.


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