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Huawei E397 internet stick



Huawei has recently come out with a new internet access device in collaboration with MTS and the device is known as Huawei E397 Internet stick. This is MTS’s first LTE internet express stick and is a device which provides you with an internet experience that you may have never enjoyed before. Huawei 4G LTE promises super fast internet and is available in many variants and plans so that you can choose the one which suits your requirement the most.  To know more about this device, you can go through the following information provided here in the Huawei e397 review.

Super fast-one of the best qualities of this internet stick is that it is super fast.  You can enjoy LTE network speed internet access wherever you go with this device. Just connect it to your PC or laptop and you get unhindered internet access with device speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Versatile portability-another convenient feature of this internet stick from Huawei is that it comes in a pocket sized design which allows you to play, work and live beyond any limitations or boundaries. You can easily carry this stick in your pocket no matter where you go as it is extremely portable. It would not be wrong to call this device Huawei 4g LTE pocket WiFi or an Huawei 4g lte modem for this very reason.

MicroSD card slotHuawei E397 internet stick comes with a MicroSD card slot which enables you to store and keep 32 GB worth of music, documents, pictures and other important data.  This card has to be purchased separately but does offer brilliant storage space.

Looks and physical dimensions-this internet stick from MTS and Huawei is black in color and looks sleak and shiny from the outside. Physically it measures 93 mm in height, 35.5 mm in width and 15 mm in depth. It is lightweight with a weight of only 60 grams.

Operating system compatibility-this device is compatible with several operating systems including Windows XP/Vista/7 and even Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6.

Plug and play connection manager-another enticing specification of the Huawei E397 internet stick is that you can easily set up and manage your connection without any hassles.

This device comes in many pricing options and variants and the details of these price options are given below:

  • 24-month contract, min $74 plan – $0.00
  • 24-month contract, min $20 plan – $54.99
  • 12-month contract, min $74 plan – $79.99
  • 12-month contract, min $20 plan – $134.99
  • Outright Purchase – $299.99


This wonderful device is 100% unlocked and thus can be used worldwide with different internet providers. This innovative internet access device also goes by the name of Huawei e397 4g LTE mobile internet key. So what are you waiting for? If you are someone who needs to travel and have internet access on the road, then this is the perfect internet stick for you and can even offer you internet abroad and on airplanes. Order it today!




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