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HTC Unveiled Information Regarding Android 4.3 Version


HTC is definitely on a row! Why? Pretty simple – in the last couple of months, the tech giant announced and released great news including their flagship device – HTC One and now they shared information regarding new features in Android’s next version 4.3.

This time HTC spoiled their secrecy and shared too much info. The thing that made a really strong impression on us was the fact that there are going to be two innovative features in the next version. The meeting that will take place in May 16th is going to be really exciting because we suppose even more news will be unveiled.

However, back to the main topic – the first technology that we will be able to enjoy from Android 4.3 is Bluetooth Low Energy which goes under the abbreviation of BLE. It will submit some major changes to all those applications and features that keep the handset always on. Most people, who are familiar with HTC and their policy should not be shocked by this news, because earlier it was announced that BLE is under development and it should be released in the near future. We also don’t know whether or not it will be 100% included in 4.3 or will be implemented straight to Lime Key Pie (Android version 5.0).


The next technology (and we promise that it will spin the heads of gamers) is OpenGL ES 3.0. Important thing you need to know about OpenGL is it is a kind of graphical specification such as texturing, shading…you get the point. Probably you have tested its functionality and performance if you have given a try to the beta version of Chrome. One thing is sure – this innovation will take mobile gaming to a whole new level – no wonder HTC boosted the hardware specifications of their flagship that much.

Gaming developers can start celebrating because most of the biggest tech manufacturers started redirecting their attention to the gaming performance of their flagship handsets. This speaks for itself as more and more people prefer playing on their smartphones while on the go. Thanks to the OpenGL technology, the graphics and the whole user-experience will be immensely improved. This is why the news is so great! Actually the next version of Android will bring much more joy than originally anticipated.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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