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How to Update HTC One S with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Dark Jelly S CM10.1 Custom Firmware

We have good news for owners of the HTC One S, there is a new custom firmware available for you.  With the ClockWorkMod app users can now install Dark Jelly S CM10.1 Jelly Bean ROM custom firmware onto your device.  This ROM is based on the CyanogenMod 10.1 and has a host of new features not available on most custom ROMs.   Now this is a nightly build, so there are a few bugs.  Updates will be forthcoming, so it is highly recommended that you stay tuned for updates.   We are going to walk you through the entire upgrade process step by step so you can begin to take advantage of these new features.

Disclaimer:  This is not an official build.  This means that there can be errors like force closes, loops and some apps simply will not function properly.  The only way currently to get out of this is to use ClockWorkMod to revert back to the stock or another custom firmware.  Following this guide will void your warranty.

Firmware Features :

There are so many features to this ROM that makes it worth trying out.

  • Based on Unofficial CM10.1 Build.
  • Completely customize installations with Aroma Installer.
  • Aroma installer with English or German Language.
  • Aroma installer with option to customize the installed Dark Jelly S edition.
  • Complete/NON Wipe Option in the Aroma Installer
  • S-On Kernel Installler
  • Preinstalled HTCDumlock
  • Selectable Baseband/Radio
  • Preinstalled Google Apps
  • Choose your boot animation ( Galaxy Nexus, CM7 or older CM10 )
  • Enhanced backup functions to save Ringtones ( All tones ) and boot animations.
  • Ubuntu or Roboto Font choices
  • Clock Position Options
  • Build Version listed in the About Phone menu
  • Choose your Superuser app through Aroma
  • Over The Air Dark Jelly S Edition Updates!! ( with UpdateMe App )
  • CM-Updater has been deleted.
  • AwesomeBeats preinstalled.
  • AlphaBlueMod theme
  • 3 battery icons to choose from in system settings under the status bar menu.
  • Percentage Battery Mod
  • System Apps are (un-)installable via the Aroma-Installer

Now there are a few things which do not work as of yet:

  • Camera
  • CM10.1 bugs

Backup and Other Precautions :

It is highly recommended that you backup all of your important data to your SD card or the cloud.  Installing a new ROM will erase all the data on your phones internal memory during the upgrade process.

  • Sync your contacts to Gmail or export to SD card.
  • Note down all your Access Point information for your wifi hotspots.
  • Backup your call history, SMS data, and any data in an app that you don’t want to lose.
  • Make sure your battery is charged to at least 85%, a full charge is recommended.
  • If you have the storage space use ClockWorkMod to create a complete image of your phones current configuration for easy recovery.
  • Make sure that you have USB debugging enabled before you start.

This guide is meant for phones that have been factory unlocked.  If your phone has a locked bootloader from the carrier we highly recommend that you get it unlocked before proceeding with this guide.

One S - HTC

How to Install Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Dark Jelly S CM10.1 Custom Firmware on HTC One S

There will be a few downloads, links to which we will provide.  This is a fairly simple process but  it is not for those with limited technical understanding.

Remember please that you follow this guide at your own risk.  The firmware you are about to install is an unofficial build so you will get no support.  Please also note that this guide is only for the HTC One S.

Root WarningGaining superuser permissions to your device will in most cases void your warranty.  In certain rare cases you might be vulnerable to another variety of malicious scripts which may compromise your data.  We recommend that you install a robust security suite on any rooted device.

Let us get started then.  First off, if you have not already done so, download and install the HTC One S USB Drivers.

  1. Download Android 4.2.1 Dark Jelly S CM10.1 for HTC One S to your computers hard drive.
  2. Using your USB cable, connect your device to the computer and enable mass storage.
  3. Find the ZIP file downloaded in step 1 and copy it to the root directory of your SD card, not in a folder.
  4. Power down your phone.
  5. Boot your phone into Bootloader Mode.  Do this by holding the volume down and power buttons while turning it on.
  6. Navigate through the screen following the instructions to select “Bootloader” and then choose “Recovery”.
  7. In ClockWorkMod Recovery, wipe the data first.  Then select “flash zip from SD card”.
  8. Then select the option “choose zip from SD card”.
  9. Now use the volume keys to find the Android 4.2.1 ROM zip file we downloaded in step one.  Choose it and the installation begins.
  10. Now go back to the main screen and select “Reboot System Now”.  Your device will power down, and boot back up. This can take up to 5 minutes when installing a new ROM.

All done!! Now you can begin to take advantage of these unique features most users only wish they had.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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