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Here is an All-In-One Monitoring Solution You Need

Many people are relying on mobile phone tapping apps to keep tabs on their loved one’s cell phone. These type of apps are compatible with most iOS and Android devices and are easy to install.

Using a mobile phone tapping app not only keeps the user informed of the device’s activities but also enables them to keep the monitored individual safe from different hazards. Whatever your reason may be for leveraging spy software, constant cell phone activity notifications are guaranteed.

Xnspy is a mobile app designed for anyone willing to keep a close watch on their partner, employees, kids or elderly parents. It offers basic as well as advanced monitoring features at an affordable price. In this article, we have reviewed Xnspy and shared the pros and cons of the application, so you can make an educated decision when buying spy software. Let’s take an in-depth look.

What Makes Xnspy Unique Amongst Other Spyware?

In a free market, the strength or quality of a product can only be determined by the quality of its competitors. Most of the features you will find on Xnspy such as message tracking, call logging, or accessing browser history are common to all the other spyware apps as well. This makes sense because these are the basic features of the monitoring app. But, there are certain areas where the mobile phone tapping app is unique and excels far above others.

1. No-Jailbreak Solution

What truly makes Xnspy the best mobile spyware app is its no-jailbreak solution. While other apps require you to jailbreak the iPhone in order to install the spyware and gather an individual’s online information, Xnspy has the ability to pry into an iPhone or iPad without even installing the software into them, however, you must have the target’s iCloud credentials to gain access to the user’s iPhone content.

2. Record Phone Surroundings

Xnspy is a perfect Android monitor app that can be used to record a cell phone’s surroundings. With this program, you can keep track of your employee at a keynote meeting or eavesdrop on all behind-the-wall conversations by recording the sounds in your surroundings. The ambient listening feature of the app commences recording as soon as it receives discreet remote commands from your tablet or smartphone. Giving you the power to record a target phone’s surroundings even on the go. You can record up to 30 minutes. To continue recording, you need to send another remote command.

3. View Deleted IM Conversations

With Xnspy, not only can you monitor WhatsApp messages, call logs, and sent and received multimedia messages, you can even read the deleted conversations. All the messages that have been read by the user will be uploaded to your dashboard even if the user deletes them right away. If you are keen to gain more details, the best mobile spyware app can provide you time and date stamps of each message.

4. Round The Clock Customer Help

Most spy applications have limited customer support. Others require you to fill out a questionnaire or form and wait for the reply, while some require you to send emails. This can be really annoying, especially when you are in need of quick assistance. Xnspy, on the other hand, provides your technical assistance 24/7 using a live chat service along with an email ticketing system.
With live chat, you will have complete access to a personal assistant who is equipped to help you out with all your technical needs. The live chat assistant will also help you install the app, jailbreak a phone, navigate the control panel and more.

Other Features of Xnspy
Here is the list of useful features of this top of the line mobile spyware software:

Call Interception: Get a hold of call details by tapping into call logs of the monitored person with Xnspy. The Phone Logs section in the dashboard will provide you complete details of all the calls that are made or received on the phone. In addition, you can view other information like duration of each call and the location of the target when he/she received or made the phone call.

Text Intervention: Track all the text messages or chats that are being sent or received on the device in real time. Also, get contact details of the person with whom the target is texting. This is really useful, especially if you want your loved ones to avoid interacting with mischievous sprites.

GPS Tracking:

Get accurate details of the target’s whereabouts with Xnspy reliable GPS tracker feature that works in tandem with the GPS technology on the target phone. You can use it to ensure your elderly parents are coming back home after doing the grocery shopping. In case, they got stuck in the traffic or lost their way, you are always there to help them find their way back home.

Geofencing: Mark ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ areas with the virtual fencing feature of the mobile phone tapping app to receive instant alerts. So when your offspring, elderly parents, or an employee tries to venture beyond the designated zone you can receive an alert. This frees you from the stress of monitoring every single move of your loved ones.

Monitor Web History: See the web browsing history of the target and find out what exactly they are surfing online with Xnspy’s web monitoring function. The functionality could be used to spot any suspicious activity. For instance, it can be used to discover if the monitored person frequently visits to pornographic websites.

Gmail Tracking: Get complete access to that target’s Gmail account with this feature and view the contents of all the emails, find the websites they are subscribed to, and the people they are chatting with. It can be really handy for employers who would want to make sure their workforce isn’t using company time for private interactions or activities.

Remotely Control: Gain access to the target’s phone with the best mobile spyware app and remotely control the device. For example, you can remotely wipe the data on the phone, lock the device, take screenshots and even set preferences for uploading data.
• Xnspy works in discreet mode and is almost impossible to detect.
• Take screenshots on a target device to get passwords and other information entered by the phone owner.
• The prices of subscription plans are within reach. In fact, they are more affordable as compared to other spy apps. The charges for the Basic plan are $8.33/month whereas Premium package can cost you $12.49/month.
• You can even use the app to monitor popular social media apps like Instagram, Tinder, Line, Kik Messenger, and Apple’s very own iMessage.
• The app doesn’t have the blocking capability.
• To access all the spying features, you need to jailbreak the iOS device.
• An additional license is required, in case, you want to monitor another device.

Overall, we are of the opinion that Xnspy understandably is the best mobile spyware app at the moment. It’s an ideal solution for both professional and family settings, as it offers a breadth of features. You also have flexible packages that are devised to serve different needs. Additionally, you have the ability to go from a jailbreak to a no-jailbreak solution, even though it restricts some of the advanced features.

Xnspy is a reliable company that has been operating for some time now and handles your discretion well. The software itself boasts enough features that allow you to stay in the know of happenings without being intrusive. Note that it is implied that you should use the spyware app ethically and safely.


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