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Facebook Home To Launch in Canada, A Few Weeks After US Release

Facebook Home which is a new app for Android that will enable the users to turn their Android handset into a social device will be launched in US on 12th of April, 2013. This latest UI/launcher will be first made available on HTC First through AT&T as the mobile operator has the short exclusivity period by having partnership with Facebook. The Facebook Home will be made available in the Google Play Store on 12th April itself but the users in Canada will have to wait for around few weeks in order to enjoy the features of Facebook Home in their country.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home

Initially the launcher will be made available for the existing and the upcoming high end models of HTC and Samsung like Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4, HTC One and others. Later on, the Home will be launched for other smartphones and Android powered tablets as well.  Facebook Home can be considered much more than an app as it will provide an all new experience that will enable the users to display the mobile versions of the messages as well as newsfeed on the home screen on the Android powered devices. The Facebook Home will enable the users to view the content and messages of their friends in a manner that is not eye soring and moreover the app will also legitimize the use of launcher on the Android. Some of the exciting features of Facebook Home are as follows:

Cover Feed: It is basically a fresh and constant update from your newsfeed and allows you to know your friends activities at all the times. You can even like or comment on the photo or an update of your friends from the cover feed by simply tapping.

Chat Heads:  With this feature, you can chat with your friends even while using other applications. As soon as you receive a message from your friend, a chat head comes out along with the face of your friend so that you know as to with whom you are chatting. So no matter whether you are browsing, enjoying music, playing games, going through your mails or performing any other function, you will always come to know when your friends sends you a message. You can also relocate these heads where ever you want them on the screen and can also group them in a list and store or dismiss them.

Notifications:  When there is some update which is related to you like friend posting on your timeline, then you will instantly get a notification along with the profile picture of the friend.  Then you can simply tap them to open or swipe to hide so that it can be dealt later on.

App Launcher: You can get the applications in the Home as easily as in any other handset. You will just have to swipe in order to see the applications that are your favourite and present in the launcher. You will also have a screen that will have all your apps and you can just drag your favourite application to the launcher.

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