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Quality of Life Android innovations debut at 2014 International CES

The  2014 International CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas has brought a raft of innovations for Android users that will be available within the coming months. From the announcements at this ...

Sony Unveils New Laptop Lineup

And so it begins – the back-to-school season is here once again and thus, Sony decided to surprise their fans by renewing their mainstream series of laptops. We have to be honest – this comes as unexpected ...
Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel Announced Officially – Specs, Features & Price

Google has recently announced the launch of its latest notebook called Google Chromebook Pixel which is the first Chrome OS device designed by the company that comes packed with high end specifications.  ...

System76 Bonobo Extreme Linux Gaming Laptop – Specs, Features and Price

The US hardware integrators System76 have unveiled their latest laptop, the Bonobo Extreme. According to Carl Richell, founder and CEO of System76 this all new laptop is the world’s fastest laptop that ...

Samsung Chromebook 550 (Series 5) Review – Specs, Features & Price

One of the most impressive features of the Samsung Chromebook is the price. At just $249 it does seem like a real bargain, but looking in to the features, you may wonder whether it offers value for money. ...

Lenovo Thinkpad Twist Windows 8 Laptop Review – Specs, Features & Price

Putting a literal twist on the way both laptops and tablets work, Lenovo’s new Thinkpad Twist is a must have! Its sleek design, unique rotating screen, sexy specs, and affordable price is fantastic, ...

Apple Macbook Pro With 13 inch Retina Display Announced Officially – Specs, Features & Price

Those of who have been coveting the glorious Apple Macbooks are in for a sweet little surprise in the form of the new 13 inch Macbook with a slight upgrade: retina display. The slim lightweight frame and ...

Samsung Google Chromebook ARM Based Laptop – Specs, Features & Price

While most players in the PC market have eased up on the throttle with the impending launch of Windows 8, some experts believe that it is not the best time to roll out a new laptop. Google and Samsung ...

Sony VAIO E17 Multimedia Laptop Unveiled – Specs & Features Released

Sony has just unveiled an array of Windows-8 ready VAIO laptop PCs and this included the 17.3-inch VAIO E17, which is the other half of the duo of trendy laptops under the VAIO E series. The E17 is a multimedia ...

Sony VAIO T14 Windows 8 Ultrabook Unveiled – Specifications, Features & Price

With the impending release of Windows 8, Sony has lined up a bevy of Ultrabooks which are expected to be rolled out in one single swoop. Included in this line-up is the Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook. The VAIO ...
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