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Canadian Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999V) Gets Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Official Firmware Update

At last the long anticipated official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update has been released for the Canadian mobile networks.  Wind, Videotron and Mobilicity customers using the Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999V will finally be able to enjoy the new features that come with this update.   While this model is very similar to the U.S. version ( SGH-T999 ) for T-Mobile, Canadian networks use a very specific carrier default firmware.  With all things being considered, this update is rather timely considering the adjustments that had to be made in order to adapt to the very specific firmware requirements.

Canadians are not the only users who have to wait extra time for the latest upgrades, as many other networks go through the very same process.  This is a fairly common practice around the world as so many telecom networks have slight variations.  Developers are now finally getting these updates rolling out to a wider range of users, due to the demand of the customer base.  Customers of carriers such as Virgin Mobile, Bell, Rogers and Sasktel frequently go through this very same ordeal.

With all the improvements that come with Jelly Bean, the wait is most certainly worth it.  One of the most noticeable changes users will see is that the settings menu has been reorganized.  This should not present any problems as the interface has been changed to provide more intuitive access to the most commonly used features.

Canadian Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999V)

Google Now will be available on your device, and may be considered new bloatware by some but it is said to be very useful to those who have adopted the software earlier.

You will also find that the default calendar app has a few bells and whistles added to it.  Most of these improvements are more for aesthetics, but dig deep to find a few new very helpful features in the right circumstance such as a quick default response to emails that can be coordinated with your calendar.  Added in this build are also a few tweaks to allow you to better control your data usage.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Firmware Build (T999VVLDLL1) Info :

Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999
Country: Canada
Providers: Wind, Mobilicity, Videotron
Build number: JRO03L.VLDLL1
Modem: T999VVLDLL1
Android Version: Android 4.1.1 aka Jelly Bean
Build Date: 2012-12-05
Release: 2012-12-14

You can get this new Jelly Bean update from Samsung Kies, available since December 14th, 2012 listed as firmware build number T999VVLDLL1.  This is going to be a full update from the Ice Cream Sandwich build previously released ( T999VVLALH2 ).  As of yet we have no over the air updates to report on, so please let us know if you do receive them.

Be sure to get your device completely updated before the holidays so that you can enjoy all of the Premium features this Jelly Bean suite provides.  This way you won’t be green with envy if your friends get a device fresh off the factory line.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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