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Top 5 Math Education Games for Android

  The Android operating system is now compatible with almost every electronic system in our homes. From smart Televisions to smartphones and tablets, this operating system has revolutionized our ...

Working with Bindings in Aurelia

  Introduction In the last tutorial we talked about how to set up a project in Aurelia through the provided skeletons and also how to architect routing in your Aurelia project.  In this article, ...

The Pokemon GO Craze

  Pokémon GO is perhaps the best thing that has happened to Android users this year. When Nintendo introduced the Android version of this highly interactive game in July, it spread like wildfire all ...

Top 3 Email Clients for the Android

  In today’s technology-laden age, many people are owners of a smartphone. The primary aim of technology is to help ease our lives and application makers ensure smartphone users can get some help ...

Introducing the Galaxy Note 7

The latest Samsung flagship device was launched this week, and it grabbed the attention of the masses as expected. Samsung decided to skip the Note 6, which should’ve been the name of the device ...

How to Market Your Mobile Application

You don’t need to be a genius mobile app developer to know that your app needs more than a mobile website if you really want it to take off. If you really want your target audience to discover and use ...

Top 5 Classified Ad Apps

  In your grandfather’s time, classified apps were one of the best ways to find a job in your area, find a date, locate a used lawn mower, or purchase a used car.  These ads would appear in a section ...

How To: Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5

How To:  Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 Why do I need to unlock my phone? If you are traveling to another country from the US or elsewhere, you need to unlock your device so you can use the phone with ...

The Top 5 Automobile Apps

  The present day smart phones are not merely devices of communication but can also be considered a substitute for multiple gadgets such as MP3 player, GPS devices, camera, video games, tablets and even ...
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The Top 5 Smart Device Tracking Applications

The very last thing we do before we go to bed and the very first thing we do when we get up in the morning is to check our smartphones.  Perhaps you often ask yourself, how did this tiny device begin ...
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