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Apple’s New iMac Unveiled Officially – Specs, Features & Price

Apple is notorious for producing outstanding computers and laptops that feature stunningly sharp displays, fast processors, and that perform well above expectations. Here recently Apple has finally made this year’s new iMac official and it looks amazing.

First off the 2011 Apple iMac was outstanding. It featured a DVD drive, beautiful displays, a super thin design, and excellent performance. This year, however, Apple has outdone themselves and their competition again! With up to sixty percent faster performance than the previous generation, you will want to sell your current computer and buy this marvel of power, performance, and engineering!

At first glance this computer looks impossibly thin. Its 5 millimeter thick edges make it seem unreal that it is even a computer at all! However at closer inspection you realize that it truly is a marvel. The massive 21.5 or 27 inch displays have almost no glare on them thanks to the newly revised screen, and their 2560×1440 pixels ensure the highest definition on movies, games, and more. Additionally, despite having a much thinner display than the previous model (which was already ridiculously thin mind you!), this new mac still manages to provide even more vibrant colors thanks to Apple’s meticulous assembly. At the end of the assembly Apple states that each one of these computers is individually calibrated for colors to ensure that every customer is blown away by its clarity and vibrancy.

Apple’s New iMac 2012

This 2012 Apple iMac is available in two different models: a 21.5 inch model and a 27 inch model. The only differences between the models is that the 21.5 inch mac is available in: 512MB with either the GT 640 or 650. The 27 inch model is available in 512MB GTX 660M, 1GB G670MX, and 2GB GTX 680MX. The GeForce Kepler installed on each model means that the enhanced NVIDIA graphics card truly can provide up to sixty percent better performance than last year’s model.

On top of all of those sexy specs we just rattled off, this new iMac just keeps getting better. Its standard iOS is available in either i5 or i7. The speeds on the i5 OS range between 2.7-3.2GHz while the i7 can get up to 3.4GHz. Next it’s got a 720 HD video camera and dual microphones making it the perfect machine  for Skype chats and more. Lastly it has the option of a 1TB or 3TB hard drive making it the ultimate computer for those extensive programs that take up a crap ton of disk space!

Overall this new Mac has definitely outdone it’s predecessor by a long shot and will be an irresistible purchase for many thanks to it’s sexy display and fantastic specs. Unfortunately those who cannot live without this machine will have to shell out a few pennies to purchase it. For the 21.5 inch model they will have to pay a starting price of $1299 while the 27 inch model starts at $1799!


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