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Apple’s iOS6 Launched – See its all Specifications and Features Here

When the Apple iOS6 was unveiled to the public, a lot of potential users were lining up to get their hands on the newest member of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch family. The phone presents unlimited possibilities through its efficiency and quality that Apple has invested in its operating system.

However, with the introduction of the iPhone 5 to the market, we fear that the once high profiled Apple iOS 6 may have gotten less time in the spotlight than it deserved. This is because when you analyze the Apple iOS6 you will realize that so many best kept secrets and ideas were put into the new model. It is one of those items you would love to have on your Christmas wish list. Are you wondering why exactly? Well, allow us to reintroduce the Apple iOS6 to you and help you understand why this is phone may just be one of Apple’s best kept secrets yet.

Apple iOS 6

Features and Specifications of the Apple iOS 6

  • Siri and Apple iOS 6

Let’s start off by the phones’ improved applications. When it comes to Siri on this phone, you can ask a wider range of questions and get answers to all of them. I am sure you will be tempted to throw the phone a few curve balls by asking questions related to statistics, sports or random facts. Do not be surprised to get accurate responses on all of them.

This feature can prove to be ideal when you are trying to get reservations at restaurants or book some tickets for a movie. It looks like Siri is perfecting its hold on the mobile industry before it launches into the car manufacturers which it has promised to have set up in approximately 12 months from now.

  • Resolution

Believe it or not, the possibilities of having a larger screen have been reached through the Apple iOS6, which is perfectly scaled to stretch up to a 640*1136 resolution through the assistance of TechRadar. This has come to confirm all the rumors circulating on the Apple iPhone 5 as having a 4-inch screen, since they have come true. If possibilities like this have been achieved on this phone, who is to say what other surprises Apple has in stored for us in the near future.

  • Apple Passbook

The Apple iOS6 has also seen the launch of Apples latest application known to users as the Passbook-a new app for e-tickets. Through this app, people can now carry online tickets around. The tickets automatically update themselves to so if your flight is cancelled or changed to a later hour you get a notification on your phone. Interesting right?  Wrong, it is very innovative!

For businesspersons and people always on the move, this app was a sure way to make this phone sell out in most stores and fetch Apple a whole new horde of users.

  • Phone Apps

Apple has reinvented the idea of simple phone applications with small elements such as personalizing your call and message programs. For instance, take it you want to hang upon a call, the phone sends back customizable messages that can inform the caller that you are busy or lost, just to give them the hint about their call.

The application also allows its users to call someone back once it recognizes you have left your previous location. You can also put it on a do not disturb mode that will silence incoming calls and messages but allow specific callers to get through to you.

  • Safari App

With its new Safari application, every time you use the Apple iOS6 its smart app banner will automatically give you information on iOS offers. It also brings to light so many improvements in terms of the iCloud syncing, Instapaper-style offline reading and integration to website photo sharing. Basically, uploading is less hectic than it was before.

  • Facebook Apple iOS 6

For those of you in love with social networking the Apple iOS6 provides the best kind of Facebook integration that has been replicated into the Apple iOS5 twitter handler incorporation. By far, this is definitely one of the best integration that has been used on most mobile devices to help users post comments, pictures, URL’s and basically make your presence felt on Facebook while being able to get ahold of recommended Facebook Apps from friends since the API is public. This is pretty cool if you ask me.

  • Apple iOS 6 Navigation System

All over the world, the fascination about the Apple iOS6 is still creating a buzz. In London and New York especially, the phones mapping applications have caused a stir. Whether it is for traffic updates or for basic navigation, the phone makes it almost impossible for you to get lost in UK’s large metropolitan states because of its comprehensive mapping system.

Just as a teaser, next time you are in the area, use the 3D views to enjoy the scenery of the major cities in the area. The only people hit hard by this are Google since it has had to slash its Map API by a whopping 88% and introduced a new mapping update system.

Mike is a software engineer with a love for tinkering with smart phone devices. He spends a lot of time moving pictures to his SD card, because the Android keeps running out of memory. In his spare time, he travels to different parts of the world and takes one of his Android devices with him.


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