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5 Top Utility Apps for Android

The Android app store is the largest app store in the world, consisting of some of the coolest, most useful, productive and highly entertaining apps in the world.  Android based Smartphones and tablets can easily be enhanced by simply downloading useful applications on them from the Google Play Store. While gaming apps, entertainment apps, and social networking apps are highly popular among users, the utility app category is what really contributes to adding more features onto an Android device.  Utility apps add functionality and prove productive in everyday life situations. There is a host of such apps on the Android but only a few are truly interesting and recommended!  The following are the 5 most useful utility apps for Android users:




Valet is one of the most useful and productive utility app present on the Google Play Store and is an app which helps you remember where you parked your vehicle by using Google’s location API or Google Maps.  The special thing about this app is that it raises helpful alarms and comes with timers that can help you avoid paying heavy parking fines.  By selecting ‘Park my car’ on the app, the app will place a pin on the location and can offer you efficient navigation back to where your vehicle was parked.  You can also initiate this feature by pairing the app with the docking system on the car or with a Bluetooth enabled audio system.  As a result, the app can automatically place a pin when you lose connection and step out.

Top features offered:

  • The amazing parking sensors never let you get lost and always guide you back to your parked car.
  • Bluetooth and car dock support automatically sets your parking location.
  • The Find My Car feature gives you turn by turn navigation to your parked vehicle
  • The built in parking timer lets you save on your parking ticket each time
  • Some other features include meter, timer and street sweeping reminders.
  • Best used in airport parking lots, huge parking spaces at malls etc.
  • Can be used to park cycles, cars, and trucks and can be used for camping spots, hotels and many other locations.

Free or Paid

This is a free app that can be downloaded from the link provided below:



2.Google Goggles



Google Goggles is not just an app but is an invention which truly reflects on how advanced the world has become. This is a visual search app which takes advantage of the Android device’s camera to scan bars, search for famous monuments, translate foreign languages and do much more.  This app can be used by opening it up, centering the camera on a building, text or QR code and let the app disseminate as much information as it possibly can.  It works with books, published materials, encyclopedias and many other visual attainable items.

Top features offered:

  • Scanning of barcodes made easy to get information about many different products.
  • Scanning of QR codes is another feature which helps you extract important information
  • Recognizing or getting information about famous landmarks like historical places, monuments, shopping places, famous buildings etc.
  • Translates foreign text by taking its picture.
  • Scans business cards and adds contacts to contact list.
  • Scans text using the feature of Optical Character Recognition.
  • Recognizing items like CDs, DVDs, paintings, magazines and books etc.
  • Even solves Sudoku puzzles

Free or Paid

This is an absolutely free app which can be downloaded from the link provided:



3.ViewRanger GPS &Topo Maps



Android app store is blessed with some of the most amazing GPS tracking and guided trail apps but ViewRanger GPS &Topo Maps is one that rises above the rest.  This is an offline mapping and navigation platform which is loaded with a variety of functions and features that can not only give you access to open source map data but also enables you to access detailed topographic maps and do track recording.  This app uses the Android phone’s or tablet’s GPS and saves used maps for offline usage.  The nice thing about this app is that you can always come back to the saved maps and use them without an internet connection. Great for hiking enthusiasts and other trail blazers!

Top features offered:

  • Works as a GPS mapping platform even when there is no mobile signal.
  • ‘Create saved map’ lets you store accessed maps in advance and makes them available when offline.
  • Comes with over 10000 guided routes and trails.
  • Comes with the option of track recording.
  • Let’s you view distance and speed.
  • Enables real time location sharing.
  • Active route navigation feature makes it as good as they get.
  • Power saver Mode in GPS setting lets you save on battery.
  • Let’s you share tracks on social networking websites.

Free or Paid

This is a free app that can be downloaded from the link provided:



4.Smart Tools



This is another top utility app which every Android user must download on his or her device.  Not possessing this app is okay too, but when you have it, you literally own a plethora of smart tools like a compass, rulers, metal detectors, magnifiers and even flashlights!  Imagine having one app which can perform so many tasks with such ease! If you think this app is only suitable for hikers or travelers, then you are mistaken. It works amazingly for almost every individual and can be a great app to rely on in difficult conditions or everyday life situations. While some tools offered by this app are absolutely accurate, others might need a little improvement.

Top features offered:

  • This is a package of 6 app sets and includes 5 Pro sets for a total of 16 tools.
  • Set 1 is Smart Ruler pro which consists of angle, length, level, slope, thread.
  • Set 2 is Smart Measure Pro which consists of width, distance, height and area.
  • Set 3 is Smart Compass Pro which consists of GPS, Metal detector and Compass.
  • Set 4 is Smart Meter Pro which consists of Vibrometer as well as Sound Level Meter.
  • Set 5 is Smart Light Pro which consists of mirror, magnifier and flashlight.
  • Set 6 is Unit Converter.
  • Offline support

Free or Paid

This is a paid app which can be downloaded from the link shown:



5.Tiny flashlight + LED



Stuck in a dark room without a light? The electricity just went off in your home? Hiking late at night? Well, whatever your need may be, this tiny flashlight + LED app turns your mobile device into a sharp and bright LED torch light and rescues you from so many dark situations! Not only does it provide basic lighting but also lets you utilize the police light style pattern and the strobe light option as well.  Use this handy app in emergency situations and forget carrying those large and bulky emergency lights with you!

Top features offered:

  • Bright flashlight or torch mode when using it on the LED of the device.
  • A large variety of screen lights.
  • Different widgets to choose from.
  • Blinking feature/strobe option with ability to adjust the frequency of blinking.
  • Simple controls provided with beautiful layout.
  • Low battery usage and small memory footprint.
  • Low processor consumption.
  • Highly optimized.
  • Best tablet flashlight.
  • Morse code functionality.

Free or Paid:

This is a free app in the App store and can be downloaded by following the link below:





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